Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Tuesday

LDs, I really don't have a fecking clue as to why today's title is 'Random Tuesday.' Could be that there's not going to be much detail in this post. If you ask, though, I'll tell you.

I'm 'in' my new cube. Computer, no phone (damn - lol). Walls, no shelves. Tiny table, no desk. I can't WAIT for my boss to be back tomorrow (insert intense sarcasm here). He has nothing in his office.

Nothing. Well, his Illini rug's in there. We've got to figure out a way to get at least his desk to his office. This should be as much fun as I don't know what.

I vented to Mr Realist this evening about his laziness. "Ok. You pay the bills this week and I'll clean." Um, how does that compare?

No, really. Someone want to help me out on this one?

I got to see the inside of the house that inspired part of Ashley and Andrew's story (read Written Word Wednesdays)...

And was not impressed.

See, I had this picture in my head of how the inside of the house would look.
Front door - good. Open.
Visible hallway - excellent.
Stairs - perfect.
Room to the left - ok, but too different.
Room to the right - dead fecking on. From the windows to the fireplace...even to a couple of chairs!
Hallway down to kitchen - good.
Kitchen - not bad. Led to Carriage House.
CH - pretty close, but in the wrong spot.
Bathroom off the kitchen - close, but wrong spot.
Upstairs - nothing like it (boo).

The worst? Fecking carpeting everywhere but bathrooms and kitchen! ARGH!

House like that should have hardwood floors!!


It actually kind of creeped me out a little bit.

The house in my head is much prettier in layout, so I'll stick with that one. However, the outside is just about perfect, so I'll leave that as is. :)

I soooooooo want to go see Lady GaGa in July in St. Louis.
I lurve her - weirdness and all.

Read an article today about "Mommy Bloggers." Kinda pissed me off, and I'm not a Mommy Blogger. Made it sound like all you wonderful women (and some guys, too!) neglect your children because you're blogging.

Feck the morons. Feck them in their stupid asses.

I had a blast on Saturday at the St. Patrick's Day parade and party in Springfield. Made me wish I was Irish (more than just in spirit).

It got me thinking. Wonder what nationality the SD (sperm donor, for those of you who haven't been around for the entire blog) is?

Googled 'nationality of x.'

I was kind of excited when I found "English, Scottish" behind the last name.

I can't find a fecking tartan for any spelling of it. Damn. Maybe I'll do more research.

It'd be the only good thing he's given me (except me to be here). Assclown.

Was your Tuesday a random one?

Heepwah, and be safe out there

Your confused and plaid-mad
Mrs Dreamer

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  1. I SO want to go see Lady Gaga with you. The Little One can mumble along to all of her songs. Yeah, just call me mom of the year. Inappropriate, but wildly cute.

    "Feck the morons. Feck them in their stupid asses." -- Still laughing out loud over this!!


Be safe out there.