Monday, March 15, 2010

Bitch and Moan Monday


Ya know, this Bitch & Moan Monday couldn't have come at a better time. Today. Sucked. Balls.

First: I know I shouldn't bitch about work, but this is got to get off my chest.
We're moving. The building that we're currently in is being sold. My new 'office?' Not complete.
No desk.
No walls.
And no computer. (the no walls thing should be remedied tomorrow...and possibly the no computer thing).
This has been a huge clusterfuck from the very beginning. It's not hard to let your employees know exactly when it is that they're moving so that what's necessary isn't haphazardly (I like that word) thrown into a box (like mine is right now). Grrr....

If my husband doesn't get off his fucking ass and start doing something, I'm going to push him off of a fucking cliff!!
I had PT tonight at 5.30.
Get dinner. "I'm really not hungry, honey, so if you don't want to cook, I'll just get a pb&j." WTF??
Dishwasher says 'Clean' and there are still dishes inside.
There's a sinkful of dirty dishes.

Where's Mr Realist?

Playing that stupid fucking video game.

Ya know, I'm not the world's best housewife. I hate to clean. I have scads and stacks of books...everywhere. I am a packrat (it's hereditary. Back off). I want to get rid of things, but I over-analyze and think that I need the shiz when I really don't. There are boxes I haven't looked in since we moved in four years ago!

Anyhoo...that's not why we're here.

Mr Realist is becoming more and more lazy as time goes on.
I'm tired of saying things because it makes me feel like his mother, not his wife.
When I do, he tells me I"m either being overly sensitive, or 'I promise I'll do better, honey."

Can't ply him with The Sex (we're waaaaaay past that point).

I'd really like to just wash my own clothes and dishes, and leave his sitting. Vacuum my side of the bedroom. Dust my stuff. Clean the bathroom and the living room (cause I use them, too).

I'm sick and tired of being the maid.

On a happy note, PT doc says my knee is getting better. I have an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow morning to see what he says. PT doc thinks he might tell me I can shitcan the brace wearing (unless I'm working out or walking or doing something strenuous). Please let that be real.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your tired, your poor, your huddled
Mrs Dreamer


  1. Let's start with, yay, your knee is feeling better!:)

    So are you going to have to use the box your computer comes in as a desk, or what? Why wouldn't they have thought this through a little better? Jerks.

    Shall I chat with Mr. Realist? Nevermind, that wouldn't help, I have a bastard husband that doesn't listen very well either:)

    Hang in there, girl. <3 ya!

  2. Update on the office - I have a tiny desk (holds my laptop and a pad of paper. That is all. No phone yet, but I can work from email. won't work. Let's see if he empties the dishwasher when he gets home whilst I am at knitting or if he plays that dumb game. I do get to see the inside of a historical home tonight, and I can't wait! :)

    <3 ya too! ((hugs))


Be safe out there.