Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Book Challenge - February Finals

Here you are, my LDs - the February Final Reading List!

17. Spider Robinson; Callahan's Lady (reread)
18. Andrew Vachss; Blue Belle (reread)
19. Catherine Coulter; Riptide
20. Dean Koontz; Odd Hours
21. P.J. Parrish; Dead Of Winter
22. Lorna Landvik; Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons
23. Andrew Vachss; Blossom (reread)
24. Fannie Flagg; A Redbird Christmas
25. Joy Fielding; Still Life
26. Richard Paul Evans; Grace
27. Charlaine Harris; Club Dead (book 3)
28. Mary Janice Davidson; Swimming Without A Net
29. Maggie Sefton; Knit One, Kill Two
30. Jane Holleman; Hell's Belle
31. Clive Barker; The Thief of Always
32. Wm. Paul Young; The Shack
33. Charlotte Douglas; Holidays are Murder
34. Susan Carroll; The Night Drifter
35. Patricia Briggs; Bone Crossed
36. Jeffery Deaver; The Bodies Left Behind
37. Alice Blanchard; Darkness Peering
38. Andrew Vachss, Strega (reread)
39. Michael Connelly; Lost Light
40. Andrew Vachss; Hard Candy (reread)

So, for February: 24 books in 28 days. This means for the second month, I've read .86 books per day.

If you put them together, I've read 40 books in 59 days. That's .67 books per day (I think my math's right...). There were a couple of lazy weekend days where that's all I did was read. It was heavenly.
Since my original goal of 50 books by the end of 2010 is obviously going to be met by St. Patrick's Day, I'll be posting to Dragondreamer's Lair that I'm changing my quantity to at least 100. There will be times during the summer that I don't get to read much because we're so busy.

'March'ing on! *he he he* Join me, if you dare!

"Not bad, not bad. Now you."
*25 points to whomever can name that movie by those six little words*

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your favorite bookie,
Mrs. Dreamer

(holy hells, that's post #3 for Monday! go me!)
Mrs D


  1. You are my hero. Seriously. I can put down about 100 pages an hour, the problem is stringing an entire hour together...sigh. Damn kids.

  2. You can book-live vicariously through me, if you want. I'll drag you along for the ride :)


Be safe out there.