Monday, March 29, 2010

Bitch and Moan Monday


Good evening, my LDs. How are you on this fine Monday? We're not too bad here (yeah, there's more than one of them up there, rattling around my ol' brain).

If you couldn't figure out, it's Bitch and Moan Monday! sponsored by one of my most favorite bloggy LDs, Kisha!

Today, LDs, there's one thing I'd like to Bitch & Moan about today.

~~Rude neighbors.
Would you let your dog shit in someone else's yard and not clean it up? What would you do if it was both neighbors - one to the east and one to the west?

Ya see, we've got a bunch of hoosiers living two houses to the east of us (the house directly east is empty and for sale). There are three or four adults and four kids living in a two-bedroom house. They don't clean up their trash very often. They're dirty and yelly and just obnoxious. They have two dogs that we see on a daily basis (they used to have three, but one got hit by a car because they didn't put it on a leash), and God knows how many more inside that we don't see.

They take them outside to do their business, and they do it in the yard of the empty house...and don't pick it up! These are small dogs - like Papillion or chihuahua mix or something just as obnoxious. They were named Killer and Rambo and Butch. Rambo was the one that was hit by a car. They're now calling them (on occasion; I still hear Killer and Rambo every once in a while) Daisy and Duke.

Ask. Just ask me what my dogs' names are.

I dare you.

The group to the west of us is a Pentecostal (not saying anything bad, just giving you a head's up) family of mom, dad, son (who is actually mom's from a previous marriage...and that dude's in jail now), daughter one, and daughter two; in the 'guest house' (garage turned tattoo parlor turned small apartment) is mom and dad of the mother of the big house. They have a mutt rescued from a shelter (she's had a few litters in her day. Poor gal's got some serious nipple-dragging going on.) and a yorkie (?). Those two dogs shit in our side yard.

Ok. Granted we don't spend time in our side yard, nor do we go into the empty yard that often (even though we were asked to mow during the summers, and we'd really like to buy the place and tear it down), but please. For the love of all that is right and holy in this messed-up world.

Pick. Up. After. Your. Fucking. Dogs.

Would it be rude to bag it up and put it on their respective porches sometime in the wee hours of the morning when their world is asleep?

Or would it be nicer to set it aflame? :)

Ooooo...I like the idea of flaming poo.

It got me going this morning when I one of the dogs had his ass facing my front door as he took a shit.

Just what I wanted to see at 7.45 this morning.

The shit-stretched anus of a small ankle-biting dog.


What are you Bitching and Moaning about today?
Someone piss in your Cheerios? (better not...I lurve the Cheerios)
Husband not take out the trash?

Or were you having a peachy-keen kind of day? (asshats)

Must have been nice.

Oh well.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your quite annoyed
Mrs Dreamer


  1. You have got some fucking neighbors! I wanna come live in the empty house just so I can get in on this action! I would totally camp out in a dark room and paintball that bastard that lets his dog shit in the yard. Bet he'd think twice next time! I'm the nosy lady who is constantly spying on the neighbors...but my neighborhood is called Wisteria Station (yes, I swear, I can't make this shit up) so needless to say, they're all boring as shit.

  2. PMSL...Wisteria Station? You totally need to lurk around in a ninja gi and freak the fuck out of your neighbors!

    I know - it's BS, ain't it? Morons.

  3. Hehe...sounds like where I'm at right now.

    I'm dog sitting three...four dogs. My instructions were to just let them outside, they'd run around for a bit, do their business and come back eventually. Well...they have neighbors right beside them. I could throw a shoe and it'd hit their house.

    I feel bad because I know the dogs are going into the neighbors yard and doing their thing occasionally, but I don't have a leash to put them on :(.

    And these dogs are always barking! They keep me up at night :(. They're always wanting out...every single hour of the night.

    Now, I've dogsat here before, and they were never like this! I don't know what happened, but my friend obviously neglected to tell me they started doing this ;_;

    ...I just wanna go home. But I'm stuck here until they come back. On Easter Sunday.


Be safe out there.