Monday, March 8, 2010

Bitch and Moan Monday


Hey there, LDs! How are you on this fine Monday? I mean...erm...damn. This is supposed to be Bitch and Moan Monday, not "Let's Be Cheerful on Crack Monday."

Sigh. O well. Here we go.

Ya know, there are some things that I'd like to Bitch about, and some I'd like to Moan about (and not that kind of moaning...that's a later post. Maybe TTPN...he he he).
~Ya know, Mr Realist, would it kill you to start the dishwasher that I filled and the laminated sheet of paper that is magnetically attached to the front of said dishwasher that states the dishes are dirty BEFORE you go watch the sex and blood and full-frontal nudity that is Spartacus? Seriously?
~I'm beginning to think I'm no good at this Pampered Chef thing. Can't get a Show booked to save my life. If everyone would be content doing Catalog Shows? Fan-freaking-tabulous. What do I have to do - whore myself out as 'your personal chef for the evening' or have hubs do a Manpered Chef party (on the grill, of course)...hey...waitaminit...bitch just turned idea!
~I just want to throw everything I own away. I'm tired of looking at it. Of course, the moment the garbageman pulls away, I'll need half of what's in the bags.

~I don't have near enough time to do everything I want (who does?).
~I should be writing (my book, LDs), but I'm not...still processing.
~I would love to hire a housecleaner, but right now, I don't have the extra $100 a month to hire one. Boo.
~I want a solitary vacation. Drive somewhere, stay with friends, but go and do and see whilst they're at work.

Sigh again.

On a positive note, Mr Realist found a book over the weekend that he's actually reading (he hates to read. Think he's only read two actual books cover to cover in his entire life). It's a book of Darwin Awards (and they're good).

Well, since they're not that bitchy/moany, I'll leave you, my little LDs, to find what you want to bitch and moan about.

Your not-so-bitchy
Mrs Dreamer

PS~If anyone has any more ideas to whore my TPC self out, they'd be much appreciated! :)
Mrs D


  1. Sometimes in the midst of bitching, an idea is born.

    I could hide a million dollars from my boyfriend if I kept it in the dishwasher.. Or under the laundry pile.

    I went on something of a solitary vacation this past November. I went home to visit my mother, but she lives in a little resort town on the Jersey Shore. I got myself a hotel room and wandered the boardwalk while she was at work. Very nice. I think I'll do it again soon.

  2. Getting a guy to read is a great thing! I don't have any ideas for getting more bookings for Pampered Chef, but if you were around here I would totally book a party.

    Wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award over at my blog.

    BTW, if you find that magic potion that helps with the writing thing, please let me know. I can find a gazillion and one things to do other than write.

  3. I hosted a Pampered Chef party that was fun! They're great wedding shower need to find a wedding planner to hook up with...swap advertising space with or something. Once you book one, it kind of snowballs, from what I understand.

    Ha, you read my mind, I just got done yelling at Mr. Floren for his lack of help around here! Although, I don't have much of a leg to stand on, seeing as I'm a stay at home mom and housework is kind of my job. Damn it. Prostitution is sounding better and better every day:)

    Take the solitary vacation! You deserve some YOU time, lady!!!

  4. God, I loves you :)
    Em - I am the same way. Hide a million dollars at the bottom of the laundry basket. Mine would never find it :)

    Mrs. Gamgee - I JUST saw that! You're awesome, and I'll linky that shiz up tomorrow, yos! ((hugs)) And once I find that potion, I'll send it to you for second breakfast :)

    Kisha - that's a good idea. Think I'm gonna check that, to find the local wedding planner :). I'll pimp you like that, don't you?

  5. I LOVE DARWIN AWARDS!!!!! The movie was pretty funny.

    I wish we had a dishwasher...oh wait, we are the dishwasher.

    I could send my mom over, she loves to clean. Seriously...she just bought a new sweeper the other week because hers stopped working. The only woman I've ever known that has broken the handle off of a sweeper from using it too much!

    But, at least I know what to get her for Christmas every year.



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