Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Weddings

I know what you're going to say:
"But Ms Dreamer, you're already married to Mr Realist!"

And I'll say, "But my bestie is getting married in October, and I was playing with what I would do if I were to marry Mr Realist again." And I found Weddington Way

So I went to their site, and created a new bridesmaid look. 

The Dress 

(here's a screencap)

Obviously, it's got a bit of a Grecian feel to it, so I went with it.

But then I realized that one needs shoes. So I goog'd them.

These Kate Spade ones just reached out to me, and said "Pick me!" And since I'm not a heel-wearing kinda girl, I picked some that were shorter but still lovely. (they are navy, I swear)

Ok, so great dress, great shoes. Need fun jewelry.

Yeah, I stuck with the semi-Grecian theme -- swirly armband and earrings. The way the neckline is on the dress, I couldn't see putting a necklace with it, and I think it works. A simple silver bangle would be my gift to my bridesmaids.

Now, it is winter after all, and I can't imagine the chilliness of chiffon and lack of arm coverage. So I added a wrap.

Just a simple, navy pashmina wrap/shawl to match the shoes.

And the flowers...those, I can't decide on. But I like these.

How am I going to carry my lippy, phone, ID, and money during the reception, you ask?

In this fun, sequined clutch!

So, we've got the dress, the shoes, the flowers, the accessories...what are we missing?

Hair & Makeup! (Oh yeah...I did).

I'd want something elegant and simple for both hair and makeup. And I found Keira Knightly's (or someone who looks like her) picture for Makeup:

Something fresh yet classy. 

So we have makeup. What about Hair?

I thought about this. Fun, flirty, and still elegant. Quasi-messy updo, anyone? How about we throw a small braid in, just for kicks.


 Here's everything all together :)

I love it!! Do you? If not, that's ok. This is just one of many designs that I would put together. What would you add/remove/change?

Now all I have to do is convince Mr Realist that we need to have another wedding.


**This post was inspired by Weddington Way!  If you're looking for some awesome chiffon dresses (or just in general), go check them out here :)

PPS: all images are using the Googlenator under "navy kitten heels", "silver swirly jewelry", etc.

Be safe out there.