Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fellow Readers...

Fellow readers (or bookies, as I like to call myself. Yanno, like a foodie with food, but with books), I have an issue.

Several, actually.

But this one has to do with book content. Ya see, I devour books like dragons devour sheep. I love mystery, horror, fiction, non-fiction, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, etc.

But what I don't love is a large part of the romance and the whole baby thing. Cheesus Crust, I think of the last five books I've read, here's the situation in three of them:

Boy meets girl.
Boy and girl date/hook-up/one-night-stand.
Girl gets pregnant.
Girl doesn't tell boy.
Girl is distraught over pregnancy.
Girl hides child from boy/moves away/stops seeing boy/gives baby up for adoption.
Girl 'forgets' boy.
Girl runs into boy again.
Girl has to tell boy of baby.
Girl, boy, and baby/child live happily. ever. after.

I understand that people want a happy ending. I get that since it's what sells, it's what gets written. It's just. fucking. annoying.

For such strong, powerful women, some of these characters are fucking wimpy once they find out they're knocked up. "Oh noes, what will I dooooo! I'm with child, but I will be raising this child alone (smacks fist in palm), for I cannot interrupt his life with this change!"

Bullshit. Sack up (or twat up, if you prefer). It took two of you to get into this mess, it's gonna take two of you to fix it. Put your big girl panties on and deal with this shit head on.

Does this annoy anyone else?

Be safe out there.