Behind The Moniker/Just Me

You know, I've never really sat down and thought about why Mr Realist and I are "The Dreamer and The Realist."

I had to of at some point...otherwise, where would I have gotten the idea, right?

Ms Dreamer
~And yes, that is a balloon hat on my head. Gotta do the stuffs that get noticed, right?

~Likes to sit and daydream

~Is constantly imagining scenes in her head from stories that I'm working on or spin-offs of ones I've read and are in love with
~Would prefer the world be fair and just, and likes 'playground rules': share and be good to each other
~Still sees the world with childlike wonder

Mr Realist

~ He always looks so thrilled. Sheesh, honey.

~Likes things that are tangible and right there in front of him
~Only imagines things he's had experience with
~Knows the world isn't fair and just, and that playground rules went out the window when you got out of the sandbox
~Finds it endearing that his wife still sees the world with childlike wonder

It was the theme to our wedding - we did the invitations ourselves on the computer, the programs, everything. The header on everything was "The Dreamer and The Realist."

Now, onto just me.

I'm not sure what you want to I'll try.

~I'm in my 30s and still get carded for everything. 
~I'm 5' 4 and 3/4" (gotta have that 3/4" when you're marginally taller than a Hobbit).
~I'm an Aquarian whose name fits her like a glove.
~I read voraciously of things that like and interest me.
~I love to write, sing, watch movies and listen to all kinds of music.
~I'm married to my college sweetheart Mr. Realist; we don't have children.
~I'm a small-town girl raised generally in the big city, and hated every minute.
~I would be perfectly happy to sit out in nature with a notebook, a camera, and an mp3 player full of music that makes me happy for hours, if not days, on end.
~If I could be at Camp for the rest of my life, I would die an incredibly happy person.
~I love the town that I live in, but I long for the days of the place I called home for only three years of my life. 
~I often feel like I'm missing out on something - everyone around me seems to know something I don't, and I want to experience it all.
~I want to travel to exotic and semi-exotic places, all with the knowing that I can come home.
~I've made some good friends along the way, and sometimes I don't tell them as often as I should that they mean the world to me.
~Each one of you has left a bright gold indelible mark on my life that I can't and won't scrub away. 

~Loves: good food, drink, and friends; anywhere I can be with my husband; my animals and my family (and they are interchangeable!)

~Hates: Talking on the phone (would rather text or IM); those who think they're better than everyone else; people who refuse to grow up and act civilized...

Be safe out there.