Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun Stuff

It's getting late, and blog ideas have sprung to mind (figures):

4th Annual Schofield Halloween Party & Bonfire - mondo success; more later.

Packratisim & Its Effects On A Four-Room House with 3/4 Basement - he he he

Books - I think I want to list what I have. Wonder how big a spreadsheet file can go...hmmm.

Work and Vacation - off this past week, work this week, off next week :)

Blogs that I read - why do I not comment when something strikes me as amusing/harsh/thought-provoking? Everyone else does....

A Twelve-Step Program - should I do it? Might only make it the first couple of steps.

'And I ra-a-an...I ran so far a-wa-a-ay.'

~Mrs. Dreamer

Sunday, October 4, 2009

of Ondessonk...

Units - where the kids stay during Summer Camp. Names, unit color and type of unit. I inadvertantly forgot one... Daniel would have been first, but I got sidetracked by hiking and the rain.

Brebeuf - royal blue; cabins. They're right next to Amantacha Bridge. I was here for a week when I was a counselor.

Tekakwitha - light blue; lodge. Only campers unit with four walls and screens and a door. Was here most of two summers as a counselor.

Raganeau - turquoise; treehouse

Amantacha - fuschia; treehouse

Garnier (pronounced like the hair-care products...wonder if the creator had anything to do with camp...hmmm) - sometimes kelly green, sometimes dark green; treehouse. They're right off of the Spillway.

Lalemant - orange; treehouse (Orange Crush). Three summer weeks as a camper with Colleen (woo hoo!).

Lakeside. Cabins.

Chabanel - yellow; cave (Captain Cavewomen). Took a strong girl to sleep in a cave unit with bats and bugs. :) Spent a week here as well as a counselor.

Goupil - purple; treehouse. Rumor has it that there's 10,000 steps to get to the top of Goupil (it's only like 67 or 70...I counted).

LaLande - red; treehouse.

Next up...scenery!

Oh, we are the campers...

Just a few shots from Family Camp in'll be a series of picture posts. Please ignore the date stamp in the corner of the pictures...I hate resetting my digital.

Rosebush in LeCoeur, damp from that morning's shower.

Amantacha Bridge (view from the back of a canoe)

Rick and Chris in the canoe, Tom (Mr. Realist) is in the front.

Chris looks excited to be out on Lake Echon (Lake Icky)

Kayakin' Diane!

All right...Chris on the Rock Wall

Doin' good...
Gotta take a small break...

Almost there...


You'll see that this is what I think Heaven might be like.
Steph (Mrs. Dreamer)
Be safe out there.