Friday, February 26, 2010

Freakin Random Friday

Nah, LDs, that's not my theme for Fridays (at least, not a permanent one...that I know of).

But that's the kind of random day I've had.
Work? Uneventful.
Dinner? Pop Tarts, string cheese, and water (good God, makes me sound like I'm in prison).
Therapy? Sucked balls. He's pushing me to get better...d-bag (but in a good way).

I've done nothing this evening but go through blogs that I've saved in my Reader and actually read them. There's a couple that I'm probably not going to follow anymore. They're just not keeping my attention. Since there's an even SIXTY blogs that I follow, I'd really like to pare that down to about half. That way, I can comment and build my shiz up, yos.

I kind of jotted some things down earlier that I was going to comment about, but they're not that interesting (at least, one isn''ll just have to wait for Written Wednesday for it). So no specific order:
*note: the following is my view on things - NOT to be taken as worldwide fact*

~I have no hatred toward gay people. In fact, I think Perez Hilton (whilst utterly shameless) is funny as hell and keeps me up to date on things. (See, Mr Realist? I don't really have to buy the magazines in the grocery store...I can get the same shiz for FREE! I digress...) But the (Wo)Man that he's been posting about gives me the pure shivers. I look at gay people the same way I look at other religions - I don't force my beliefs on you, why must you force them on me? You are forcing me to look at some old pasty fat guy who wears little more than a mesh top, modified nursing bra so his moobs (man boobs, for those of you who are not familiar with the term) hang out, a skirt that wouldn't be long enough on anyone short of Nicole Richie...and...a...well...erm... basically, it looks like a spandex sock that covers his twig-n-berries. If that's not bad enough, he isn't covering the fupa!! (Forget about the childrens - won't somebody think of ME?!) (if you're puzzled by the fupa term, Google it. That. Is. All.)

*runs around the room, screaming for eyebleach*


Where was I? Oh, yes.

~Man or Woman? You know who I'm talking about. Thomas Beattie - "The Pregnant Man."
*horrid buzzer sound* "Wrong! Try again, dumbass!" Ok, look. If you still have the girl parts that would enable you to carry a child within your womb, you are a woman. I don't care how many injections you've had or that you've had your breasts sliced off or that you inject yourself with raccoon semen** to get the hair on your chin and chest to grow like a man's. You. Are. Still. A. Woman.
"But what about women who have mastectomies or hysterectomies? Does that make them men?" No. Of all the women I know who have had one or both of these procedures done, it wasn't because they weren't really 'girls'. It was for medical reasons. Does me deciding to close up the baby-making part of my fabulous girly bits make me less of a woman? No.

Sigh. Ya know, there are some things that just make me want to slap every maroon upside the head with a limp trout. Repeatedly. Until they see that I am right.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a day of closing a PC show - going to churches and halls for Erika (SIL) (she can figure that out on her own...she's too indecisive, and it's going to piss me off something fierce). O - in case any of you are wondering, Tim (future BIL) quit truck driving school because "it's just too hard being away from home." Yeah. We know why it's tough being away from home, Tim. You can't have Erika under your thumb if you're on the road, now can you? She might start thinking for herself and the baby, and you don't want that.

*screeching halt - back to topic at hand*

picking up money from mother-in-law (they've set aside money for the wedding...guess who gets to be in charge of it so it doesn't get spent on Tim's truck that he doesn't need? Yeah...that's right, bitches. Me. Cause I am the shiz.) and seeing his cousin and possibly Dad and Mama Caro.

It's going to be a long day.

Sorry for the long post, but one more quick thing. I have a friend who lives out in Boise, Idaho. I'd love to go see her for a few days. If I get the chance to do that this year (yeah, right), I'm going to take a day trip to Washington. See Forks (yeah, I'm a Twilight dork). See where my AL team (Go Mariners!) play. Have a cup of coffee with my gangsta beeotch Ki$ha. And see the Pacific Ocean (can't look much different than the Atlantic). But we'll see (far as the trip goes).

Anyhoo...have a great weekend, LDs, and I'll be taking notes for Bitch & Moan Monday, sponsored by In Through The Out Door

Peace out, bean sprouts!

Your slightly annoyed
Mrs Dreamer

**raccoon semen was the first thing that popped into my head. Yeah, I know. Damn hicks.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The A-B-Cs of Mrs D

Hello, my LDs (for those of you who are new, LDs means you're my 'little dreamers.')!

I ganked this from Mrs. Gamgee at The Hobbit Hole. It's a good way to let you know who I am.

A - Awesomesauce. Which I am totally full of.

B - Books. I love them, and I read voraciously. I devour books like a ravenous dragon, hell-bent on consuming the Fair Virgin before the Knight in Shiny Armor comes to rescue her. I'm not saying that I crack-snap-flip-toast-devour them so quickly that I don't taste them. I do. Most people don't believe that I can read and retain them like I do.

C - Creative. I have a 300-ring circus for an imagination.

D - Doggies. I have two - Daisy and Duke. No, it was not intentional. It was the only thing they'd answer to (we got them a year apart).

E - Excellent. You can't argue with that.

F - Flighty. Um, hello? Have you not been reading all this time? LDs, most of the time I'm so flighty that I need some fucking wings.

G - Girly. Well, not so much. Ya see, I'd like to be able to wear cute dresses and not have children ask if they can play with the baby when s/he comes (yeah, I'm not pregnant, but apparently I look eleventyseven months along); I'd like to wear makeup that didn't make me look like...well...horrible (at last I think); I'd like to have my nails done, but even when I do them myself, I'll take them off in two days because they either hurt or look like shiz or they're in my way. What I need is some shopping and makeup advice from someone who's good at it. Any takers?

H - Headstrong. I know what I believe in, and you can't tell me I'm wrong.

I - Intelligent. 2 + 2 = 4. The square root of 81 is 9. Bacon is full of The Awesomness. See? I know what I'm talking about.

J - Jovial. Anything that makes me laugh is a good thing.

K - Kind. Small children (even though I don't want them), animals, and people (if they deserve it) are included under my protective umbrella.

L - Loyal. I'm like a dog (in a good way).

M - Myself. I can't be what I'm not.

N - Neurotic. Just slightly.

O - Optimistic. I try to see every situation as 'the glass is half-full', and I've always been like that. Although life is starting to wear that down, and I hate it.

P - Perky. I used to be a cheerleader about 250 years ago, LDs. Green/White and Red/Black poms, short skirts (snap check), pristine white cheer shoes, and ground-up toe touches. I like being perky.

Q - Quiet. I know. I KNOW. You don't think I can be. But most days, I like nothing better than sitting and reading four or five books on the weekend; just me and my drink and a stack of books.

R - Real. There is nothing about me fake. I'm the Velveteen Rabbit, LDs

S - Superstitious. I believe in ghosts and little green men.

T - Talented. I used to play the trumpet. I can roll my tongue, belch on command,

U - Unique. Boy, am I ever!

V - Vivacious. Goes along with Perky. :)

W - Wife. That is one part of me. Mr Realist is my husband, and I love him dearly.

X - Boy, wouldn't I give for X-Ray vision. I could see what's actually buried in my backyard instead of letting my dog dig it up!

Y - Youthful. Not only in looks - I still get carded, yos; but in my exuberance. LDs, we went to Disney World on our honeymoon two years ago. I teared up when I got to see Cinderella's Castle. That shiz is awesome.

Z - Zest. I have a zest for living. Good food, good friends, good conversation: I'm a happy girl!
Have a great weekend!
Heepwah, and be safe out there.
Your alphabetical
Mrs Dreamer
PS: World Cup 2010 - GO USA! If we fail...GO ENGLAND! :) Kind of double dipping there, aren't I? USA plays England tomorrow, and we're partying with some friends for it.


I'm trying to decide on my memes for the week.
Kisha has offered to allow me to tag onto her Bitch and Moan Monday, and I'm gonna take her up on that offer.

Tuesday Twofer? Two posts? LDs, I'm having problems coming up with one each day! I need positivity, yos. Tuesday...Tuesday...any ideas?

I think I've got Wednesday's down - Written Wednesday. I'll showcase snippets of stories or what I'm reading and my thoughts. I like this one :)

Thirsty Thursday, which kind of fits in, since we're at a bar throwing darts every Thursday. However, how am I going to blog when I'm darting? In college, we had TTPN (Thirsty Thursday Porn Night). Bunch of us (guys and girls) would gather in 2nd Red's hall. Someone would procure a bad 70s or 80s porn, and we'd watch it, making fun and commenting about the ... erm ... action.

Friday... Free For All Friday? Nah, sounds like a radio program (and it is, around here). Kish has Freebie Friday. What about fffffff....fuggetaboutit...I'll think of something.

Well, I have two so far - Monday and Wednesday. We'll just start there...

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your LD-loving
Mrs Dreamer

Monday, February 22, 2010


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Mellow Monday

I'm just trying these memes out, mind you.

Mellow Monday

Manic Monday

Make You Say "Oh Hell No!" Monday

I know of Bitch and Moan Monday...and that's all I really remember. Any advice?

Heepwah, and be safe out there

Your confused
Mrs Dreamer

What's a Moral?

No, not a morel. That's a fantastic 'shroom that only grows for about 7.5 seconds in the wet spring. :)

A moral. The dictionary defines a moral as:
"principles or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct."

Anne Mott says:
"The core, ethical concepts in which you most passionately belive are the language in which you are writing." pg 103

What is is that you believe in your core? Values, morals, etc. Write in a way that is fair and balanced but real and honest.

What do I believe?
~I believe in God, not religion. If you're confused as to what I mean, check out Pastor Ryan's site, This Is Reverb; his post Religion is phenomenal.
~I believe that I am destined for something great. I just don't know what that greatness is.
~I believe in playground rules: Share the monkey bars. Don't push on the slide. Everyone gets a turn.
~I believe in equality...ALL kinds.
~I believe in peace and prayer.

What do I value?

This was all spouted off in a matter of minutes. I'm sure if given the time, I could come up with a better list.

I have morals. Sometimes they're just not that visible.

And I'm not sure I want to change that. They're my morals.

And if yours happen to be the same as mine...all the more reason for us to be friends, right?

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Moral Mrs Dreamer

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Sorry

Hey, all. Sorry for the long time between posts. I'll try to do more this weekend (after my par-tay, fo shiz) and in upcoming weeks.

To update you so far:
~I'm giving up saying the eff word for Lent this year. So far, I've done a good job. If I screw up and I catch myself, a quick Our Father should cure me pretty quickly!

~We've successfully made it to church services for the last five weeks. I'm enjoying it immensely. I am bummed, however, that I had to miss Ash Wednesday Mass yesterday. Stupid PT.

~Happy Sweet Sixteen (x2) to me this past Monday! I think I'm done with the birthday thing. Thirty-two seems like a great place to stop. :)

~Stretched ACL (striations in the ligament to indicate almost tearing), so am in a bulky knee brace for the next ten weeks, and in therapy for at least that long. Boo.

~Can start walking for excercise. Will get the pass to start 1 March. Mr. Realist better be ready. I'm tired of being a Big Girl, and him being a Big Man. I'm just not comfortable anymore with either.

~Pampered Chef's Spring/Summer 2010 samples should be to me tomorrow or Monday; gonna have an Open House! More details to folllow!

What's new with you?
Are you contemplating a new job? A move? Robbing a bank? Or just what you're going to do this weekend?

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Mrs. Dreamer

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Book Challenge - February

Here you are, my LDs - the February Reading List to date!

17. Spider Robinson; Callahan's Lady (reread)
18. Andrew Vachss; Blue Belle (reread)
19. Catherine Coulter; Riptide
20. Dean Koontz; Odd Hours
21. P.J. Parrish; Dead Of Winter
22. Lorna Landvik; Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons
23. Andrew Vachss; Blossom (reread)
24. Fannie Flagg; A Redbird Christmas
25. Joy Fielding; Still Life
26. Richard Paul Evans; Grace
27. Charlaine Harris; Club Dead (book 3)
28. Mary Janice Davidson; Swimming Without A Net
29. Maggie Sefton; Knit One, Kill Two
30. Jane Holleman; Hell's Belle
31. Clive Barker; The Thief of Always
32. Wm. Paul Young; The Shack
33. Charlotte Douglas; Holidays are Murder
34. Susan Carroll; The Night Drifter

On deck:
Patricia Briggs; Bone Crossed
Several of them from January's list still

"Not bad, not bad. Now you."
*25 points to whomever can name that movie by those six little words*

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your favorite bookie,
Mrs. Dreamer

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Challenge #8 - Plot

You know, it's quite hard for me to write about 'plot' if I don't have a story in front of me. When Anne Lamott says "All you can give us is what life is about from your point of view," I have to sit and ponder for a bit. My life is not cut and dry, point A to point B and so on. I start off on point A, then jump to C, meander back to B, go all the way to Q, then I might go back and hit the rest of the points, or I might continue on from Q.

Right now, my life is pretty uneventful. I get up, I water dogs, I eat breakfast, I shower, I dress. Go to work, work, lunch, work, leave, and go home. My evenings are different. Tuesday nights I knit at the coffee shop (hi, Jessi!). Thursday nights, throw darts. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays all depend on what seems like the best course of action to take. Most of the time it's Mr. Realist and I sitting and watching TV, WiiMario-ing, or him WoWing and me writing or dicking around on the computer. It's stagnant, and I'm beginning to hate it. I sort-of sell Pampered Chef, and I'm really glad that I went to the Spring Into Action conference today. I'd love-love-love to go to National Conference in July in Chicago, but I'm pretty sure that I won't have the monies it will cost me to go, especially after all of this doctor stuff for my knee.

(see, told you I can't keep a plot if it's not a story I'm writing)

My knee. I couldn't walk yesterday morning, and it's been giving me fits since last week. I don't know what I did to it. Today? Walking fine (just a slight limp). I'm still going to see the specialist tomorrow at 11am. Yesterday it was painfully tender to the touch; today, it's just sore. I don't know if it's just slipping in and out of place, but it's starting to piss me off. Yesterday, I had blood drawn and x-rays and the nurse practitioner scared the everliving shit out of me with telling me that they might have to 'tap it.' And that's not 'tapping' something in the good way (like an ass). Nope - this kind of tapping involved a six-inch needle the diameter of the one they stick into your arm veins when you give blood to starving vampires and they suck out fluid and grossness (LDs, making myself queasy just thinking about it). Seriously, it's starting to worry me. They're not going to find anything. They never do. Just keep billing the shitty insurance, right?

So, wish me luck tomorrow at the specialist. Maybe he'll tell me that it's antibiotics I need and a good jerk on the old knee joints to put it back into place, and I'll be good (for a while).

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your injured
Mrs. Dreamer

Page 55 of Bird by Bird, "All you can give us is what life is about from your point of view."

Plot is the main point of your story. Every blog post is a story, however short or long you create it. What is the point of this post?

Write a post with a clear plot- the point in which you are trying to make.

Did my plot bore you? Here are more:

Write of Passage, Challenge 7 (late)

Well, my LDs, I've neglected last week's {W}rite of Passage.
"Good dialogue is such a pleasure to come across while reading, a complete change of pace from description and exposition and all that writing." - page 64 Bird by Bird

Today post a dialog between characters, real or otherwise.

Unintentional, but I couldn't think of anything....and then I thought of Andrew and Ashley (yes, Bena, I will update...soon). There is a small conversation between Ashley and Cole (her daddy).

Several minutes later, I heard my father calling my name. "Ashley? Are you alright?" I turned my face toward him.

"Yes, Daddy?" I smiled.

"I've been standing here for a bit, saying your name. You haven't said a word. Just standing there with that bolt of cloth. Do we need to purchase it?" I looked down to see tarlatane cloth the same shade as Andrew's eyes.

"Yes, Daddy. This was exactly what I was looking for," I said, still in a dreamy daze.

"Darlin, are you ok? Are you ill?" he asked, obviously concerned.

"No, Daddy," I shook my head. "Just daydreamin'."

"Well, we'd better get moving. I've made reservations at the hotel restaurant down the street. We'll be meeting a colleague and his family there." I must have looked at Daddy strangely, because he asked again if I was ok.

"I'm fine. Whom are we meeting for dinner?"

"Paul Hale and his wife, Caroline, and their children."

"Andrew and Catherine?" I asked.

"How did you know?"

"They were in here, and Andrew accidentally knocked me down, trying to corral Catherine," I replied.

"She is full of energy," Daddy agreed. "Is that what's got you so dreamy? Are you hurt?"

"No, I promise I'm fine."

"Ashley?" Daddy asked warningly.

"He was a perfect gentleman. He told me he goes to the university for law and business."

"That he does. He's got a fine head for it as well."

"What do you think of him?"

"Well, he's a good-hearted young man. Knows what he wants and goes after it, kind of like his father. I will admit that I suggested to him that we get together for lunch so that you might meet Catherine...and Andrew." I was trying to figure out why he had not introduced me to the Hales before now. Frowning on the inside, I raised an eyebrow. "Besides, you don't need to be attached to your daddy's side all day long," he smiled. I could see in his eyes the excitement he was trying to hide.

"Daddy, I love being with you on our outings! Do you really think that I would come along if I didn't enjoy your company?" He brushed my cheek with a smooth hand.

"That's my darlin' daughter. Are you ready for dinner? I'm famished!" he said, holding out his arm for me to take. I laced my arm through his and we walked down to the first floor to make my purchase.

I'm leaving it here for now. Don't want to give too much away, do I? Anyway, I'm going to try to get back into the {W}rite of Passage workshops and I'll keep you updated.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your favorite bookie,
Mrs. Dreamer

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hellfire and Damnation, Day One

Mr. Realist says I need to stop swearing. Fuck that. :)

Nah, just kidding. I am giving up the word 'fuck' for Lent, though. All other curse words are fair game to be used.

Anyhoo...if you're not friends with me on Facebook (do it. do it now), you wouldn't have seen that I have to postpone my Couch to 5K regime. Ya see, last summer, I played beer league women's softball. Second to last game of the year, I overran first (like I was supposed to), and something in my left knee popped. Hurt like fucking sin. Two days of staying off of it made it feel much better, and I hadn't thought anything more of it.

Last week (Monday, maybe?), my left knee started to ache. I figured it was a weather thing (most of my major joints hurt during the winter. Reason: by the time I was 20, I'd played the equivalent of almost 32 years of sports - soccer, basketball, track, cheerleading, pickup softball games in the summer and horse-ass hockey in the winter). It's progressively gotten worse.

This morning? I couldn't put any weight on it at all. Not even on my toes. I dug the crutches out of the closet (definitely got my money's worth out of them when I had to buy them almost fourteen years ago!) and went to work on them, knee braced up.

Called the doctor. Got in this afternoon. Due to the tenderness (you could run slight finger pressure along the medial side of my kneecap, and I'd jump) and the swelling, the practitioner thought it might be an infection and possibly wanted to drain part of it off to send off for tests. Head NP (Janice: I love her. She's the bombdiggity when it comes to doctorin') said she didn't think that was a good idea because while there is fluid, there's not a ton. Sent me to the Lab to get blood drawn (not so bad. I abhor needles) and then over to hospital for x-rays. That wasn't so bad - got to see my friend Carrie, who's now a radtech. I have an appointment with a specialist on Thursday morning. I just hope he doesn't want to stick that six inch needle into my knee.

Makes my stomach churly-churly just thinking about it.

So. I'll keep you'ns posted as to when I actually get to start my C25K. Wish me luck on Thursday, and give one up that the knee heals quickly.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Pissed off at the knee,
Mrs. Dreamer
Be safe out there.