Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dreamlet 24 July 2010

My apologies, LDs, for not posting one on Friday. I rightly don't remember dreaming anything. But last night?

Was. A. Weird'un.

I'm a military pilot (yeah, right!). I have to fly to this village where children are being stalked by closet monsters and they can leave the house, but they can't move away. I remember closet doors that slid shut, paper mache (yeah, probably not spelled right) decorations in rainbow colors, four flights of stairs, and a quick change from flight uniform to doctor scrubs.

And I swear I did not do acid Saturday night.

Might have been the loads of bleu cheese I had on my salad at Lone Star for Mumsy Dreamer's 51st birthday (Mr Realist and I took her to supper). That shiz'll mess you up, LDs. :)

Got to see FIL and s-MIL today - went to supper at the pizza place uptown.

Hope your weekend was fab!

Heepwah, and be safe out there

Your quite strange
Ms D


  1. Hokey dinah... that's a pretty nutty dream. I had a wonky one the other night that my grandmother had passed away and that my best friend was too busy tap dancing around my grandma's nursing home to stop by and offer his condolences. Crazy!

  2. Mrs G - yours is a little on the odd side as well :), but that's why it's awesome! :)


Be safe out there.