Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ICLW Introduction

LDs, this month, I'm going to try my hand at the ICLW. It's the International Comment Leaving Week.

Good Lord, I have no idea how to introduce myself. I could do a numbers post a la
Mrs Gamgee. But I'm not that good with numbers.

I could randomly spew out words. Course, I normally seem to do that.

I look at the list of ICLW participants, and I noticed something.

I'm not a mother, nor do I want to be. At one point, we did, but I'm too selfish with myself and Mr Realist; he feels the same. And most of the peeps are about being a mom or infertility or loss or TTC. I feel like I've stumbled into an alternate universe, and at some point, someone's going to turn and point and "Shun the non-believer!" I've only run across one...two... a total of nine blogs who's description doesn't say anything about children from start to finish.

That's nine out of one hundred and seventy-four. Six percent, LDs. I feel way out of place. I don't know if I can comment about miscarriages or infertility, pregnancy or loss, since I have experienced none of these things. If you're of the other 94% that come here, please don't take this post the wrong way. I pray for everyone who wants children and can't have them. I pray for those trying to adopt. I pray that pregnancies go well and stay sticky and you have a beautiful baby at the end of all the prayers and tests and drugs and heartbreak.

So, for my first month ICLWing, I'm going to hit the ones that I would feel less like an outsider. Bear with me, LDs. I think I'll do an intro post next. Everyone is welcome.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Ms Dreamer


  1. Welcome to ICLW. I hope you'll find that we're a pretty open bunch of folks and don't go in for the "shunning" a la "The Crucible" or anything like that. You're journey is your journey...and I wish you the best on it.

    Happy ICLW!

  2. Thanks, Rain Child :) Much appreciated.

  3. I love your honesty ... and the way you express it. Even though I do write about my kids (sometimes) and about different kinds of loss (most of the time), I'm feeling a bit like an ICLW fish out of water, too. Thanks for saying it so well.

  4. Michelle,
    You're welcome. You'll find that I try NOT to sugar coat shiz on my blog. I've had people tell me that I shouldn't, it's my blog, asshats, not yours, and if you don't like it, don't read. :D

  5. Hi from one of the others in the 6%. :)

  6. Don't worry- It's nice to meet people who don't know what ttc and 2ww and af mean. We're always open to new friends!

    happy iclw! #50


Be safe out there.