Wednesday, July 14, 2010


LDs, I have a hard time coming up with posties. Like I said in the previous one, I seem to lean toward the bitchy side. I'm not always like that, and I'm vowing to spend more time looking at the positive.

Of course, I still like the word-association posties. And I put it out on my Facebook to give me one word ideas for posties. The following is what I received:

Speck: such as?
Hack: chickenisgood
Ms D (that's me!): @Speck - whatever; @Hack - technically, that IS one word... :)
Rob: flubbergooten
Hack: YES, it is 1 word :)
Eb: dreamlets, unless you've used that already
Ms D: :)
Author: drunkenakedness. ...or poolparties. They go hand in hand.
Speck: fuhjayjaytwinkles!! {this could go on forever...Lol}
Ando: Kriegspielen
NB: shitstorm, clusterfuck, orgy, gangbang, 3sum, asssex, uhm, alrightythen, douchbag, fuckstick, peckertrack, condom, remote, vibrator, dildo, lube, safesex, NCIS. Is that enough? I have more.
Rob: who knew the english language was so
Speck: Wait everyone, I've got it. "PICKLESMOKER"!! I heard that one on 105.7 the point radio station while driving home from work in St. Louis one day that I've come to refer to as the "men are assholes and love is a carnival trick" phase of my life, lol. I thought it was hilarious! That, or one from my scientifically cognisant but funny-sounding arsenal--"spandrel" :):)
Ando: Speck, sorry to spoil the mood, but NB, you missed "fuck-ass" ("Oh please tell me, Elizabeth, how exactly does one suck a fuck?") Ms D, please, please forgive....
"Samantha: when can I squeeze one out?
Donnie: not until eighth grade"
NB: Damnit!! Wait, that's another. lol
The Rube: goatroper that is all
Mr Realist: for Speck - RATFUCKER!
Author: Hey, in my defense-that rat was pretty hot.
Speck: they do serve rat...... :)

Can you see where my wonderful friends take such serious questions? :) So I posted: Ms D is now kicking herself for allowing her friends to run rampant with single word association... *smacks palm of hand to forehead* The responses?

Rob: Careful what u ask for
Speck: but you love us for our imaginative, albeit vulgar, but HILARIOUS contributions! :) you have lots to pick from now!
Ando: Ifn ye open a door, be prepared for whatever might come a'waltzin in. (Esp. considering the multi-variegated psychoses and neuroses among your friends [I hope to think mine are only neuroses]. Hope you regard my verbiage only kindly, and that you are well, ;).
NB: You asked for it Mrssy
Hack: here's a great blog word for you now "DOH" :)
Ms D: @Ando - I actually loved it. And all of my friends have various psychoses and neuroses. That's why I call them friends!; @Hack: I think that will actually be the title of the post!
Hack: haha I win. eat it sukkas :)

You was kind of fun, but I'm going to have to use Eb's one from the original: dreamlets

Be eagerly anticipating my next postie, LDs. Because I love you all.

And you need some imagination.

And I still need prayers.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your dreaming
Ms Dreamer

PS: and if you get the line reference, let me know, and I'll dedicate a postie to you. You can only enter if you didn't weigh in on the FB status!

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  1. It's always funny where friends can take something serious.

    Stopping by from SITS to welcome you!

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns


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