Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Week...

We're now 1-1. First game's official score was 24-3 (sorry).

Last week, we lost. It was a good loss - we played well, they just played better. Score was 17-10.

Guess where I started the game?

Yep. Right field. Our third base? Didn't want to play.

Fourth inning, Mr. Realist said something to our third base coach...who said something to our 'coach', who told our captain that third and right field were switching next inning.

Shocked me - I wasn't expecting it. I like third.

Second or third batter...she shoots one right in between me and the actual base. I backhand catch it, and since the batter's pretty fast and almost to first, I off-throw (thrown off of my back leg instead of front leg)...


He he he...

Seventh inning...almost had to dive for one. Scooped it up, winged it to second...

OUT! (L didn't have the time to turn two (out at second, turn and fire fast enough to get first out))

Everyone after the game was like 'Holy S**T! You're really good at third!

Nah, it's not so much that as I'm not afraid of dirt, or falling in the dirt, or getting bruised - I'll take one for the team. I love the dirt.

In fact, if the Amortentia potion from HP were real, mine would smell like new mown hay, sheets dried in the sun, Mr. Realist after a shower, and freshly turned dirt.

I could be a farmer, just for disking season. I love that smell.

Yeah, I like dirt. I need a softball shirt that says "Dirt Diva."

Anyway...wow, that was off and running on a tangent, wasn't it? Phew!

We've got a make-up game tomorrow night since we were rained out two weeks ago. Wish us luck!

Mrs. Dreamer

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