Friday, July 3, 2009

OMG - 2-1!

Again, picture is saved from ihasahotdog dot com.... There are days when I wish that I could walk into our closet to never return because I found Narnia (or some semblance thereof).


Our make-up game went smashingly! We won 29-4 (or 5, we kind of lost count). I played third the whole game and I think only one actually came my way. No worries, though.

My first at bat...strike on the mat. Ball. Strike out swinging (almost like I was swingin at a freakin' pinata!). CONNECTION on the fourth pitch. Rounded first and went to second. Paused a bit on second and Jason hollered at me to come three. Triple (and of course it figured that there was no one on base when I hit so lovely)!

Got made fun of a bit. Apparently my word is 'nice.' It's easy to yell, takes less time than 'good job' or 'way to go, ladies.' Young'uns...what can you do with them?

Will post more later.

Mrs. Dreamer

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