Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot Times, Summer in the...well

We're not exactly the city, right? :)

Realist and I have stuck with the WiiActive for eight days now. I was looking forward to working out...but it's a rest day. Boo. My friend Heather saw me for the first time in about a week, and she made the comment that 'you're losing weight, aren't you?' Holy hells, someone's noticed! I haven't noticed...yet...that my clothes are fitting differently, but whenever someone tells you something like that, it's always nice.

We didn't get to play on Monday due to the torrential rains that happened around here, so I'm looking forward to next week (hope we'll get to play!).

It's been a slow week so far (and it's only Thursday). I celebrated my eighth anniversary with the company I work for today. Not bad, considerng it's my first official, full-time, welcome to the real world job ever! Not much else has been going on, with the exception of writing a Mary-Sue fanfiction story and trying to WoW a bit.

Heepwah, have fun, and be safe out there.

Mrs. Dreamer

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