Sunday, June 14, 2009

O dear Lord...

*saved from ihasahotdog dot com - amen, little goggie. that would be heaven...*

I have been a very busy woman this week - my apologies for not posting since Wednesday *please do not throw cupcakes at me...I repeat, DO not throw cupcakes at me :) That is all*

No, just kidding. Let's see, what have I done this week?

Wednesday night - WiiActive for the first time and found out just how not a good shape round is.

Thursday night - WiiActive, day 2; tried writing another chapter for my Beta on my actual novel; actually wrote some on a fan-fiction story I'm writing for a challenge; and ran a heroic dungeon in WoW (fair to middling XP[experience points], some necessary Badges of Justice).

Friday night - WiiActive night off in the 30-Day Challenge...but went up to Central Park and played catch and bat with Laura for over an hour (worked up a sweat, yo!); and relaxed and tried to write some more. Friday night wasn't all fun and games though. We got home from work and were mucking about in the kitchen when Realist saw the next-door neighbor kid to the east of us come out the front and head towards the back. I was in the bedroom, and we watched him out of the window that faces their yard. The little a-hole had a box of matches and was headed into our backyard!! I headed out the front door, very quietly, and Realist lowered the window. D heard him and scooted behind the bush that divides our yard.

"I can still see you, D," Realist called him out. He kept trying to hide, so I ran back inside, got a book and turned our patio chairs (note: no table because the wind tossed it and shattered it - a nice, heavy glass-topped one...grr) so that I could sit and he wouldn't come into the yard. B, the neighbor kid to the west of us, came through the small spot between our dog pen and the end of their privacy fence. He asked if we might have seen who stole their trampoline skin (that's the part that attaches to the springs, if you didn't know. I didn't.) the night before. We heard the dogs, but that's about it. You'll have to understand Daisy and Duke (not intentional) - they bark at people, rabbits, birds, squirrels, kids, anything that they can see 'trespassing' on their domain (read: anything they can see :D ). Anyway, the lady next door made the comment that they really needed to fence in the entire backyard because of that. I asked about why part of the fence was broken - I figured B & his cousins were taking part of it down to 'build' a clubhouse. Wasn't them.

I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions, but here's the deal: the brat to the east has taken a blue bingo dobber and colored in the numbers on the house front, drawn smiley faces on the side facing us, colored the inside shutters of the little girl's dollhouse next to them and the stove inside it, broken the door of the dollhouse (it's one of the FP plastic ones that no one sells in yard sales because they're a precious commodity), broken out the window in the shed of the house they're living in, thrown garbage and sticks and tent poles and plastic animals and shaving cream in the dog pen. Yeah, I jumped to the obvious conclusion that D was tearing up the fence little by little. Where did we assume he was going with the matches? Either the fence or to put lit matches in the birdhouse we have attached to the corner post.

They're supposed to be moving this week. Thanks, Lord. I don't know how much more of him I can take.

Back to the weekend...where was I? Oh yes.

Saturday - was going to get up and mow the grass, but played WoW all day. It was rather nice! Went to Scheizenfest in Highland with a friend of ours. How fun is this (insert sarcastic voice here)? I got to meet Realist's first ex-girlfriend! Exciting! Thrilling! God, was she ever annoying! It's like she didn't progress past the seventh grade when they were 'dating'! Came home & crashed.

Sunday - got up early, and went to St. Louis for the Buddy Walk. It's for families and friends of children and adults with Down Syndrome. My good friend Jen's daughter has Down Syndrome, and I just want to squeeze her to pieces every time I see her! She's a very happy child (she's two), and very bright. She's beautiful, as were all the kids that I saw there with DS. I'm glad Jen asked me to go. I'm humbled by the love that families and friends show their loved ones, and it saddens me to think of all the ones that were 'taken care of' before they were born or shuttled off to 'special' homes because they were unwanted. Boo.

Came home, mowed just our yard. We were going to mow the east side's yard, but I found three more chunks of my desert glass, a large piece crystal, one curved brick (broken in two), and my shells in their yard. O, wait, there's more: one tent stake, several tent poles, and FOUR STEAK KNIVES, just scattered in the yard! Are you EFFING serious?! Hire someone to watch your damn kids while you're at work? Should not be your fifteen-year old's duty!

Had softball practice for two hours this evening...Laura and I have just about had it with being screamed at for something that the screamer's not doing, either. We're working better together as a, if they'll just keep us where we were at tonight (I rotated center field, shortstop and third). Took a bad bounce to the right kneecap, so I can't wait to see what my knee looks like in the morning! Didn't get to work out, but I think the two hours of softball more than makes up for the twenty minutes of WiiActive that I didn't get. I'll not work out tomorrow, as I have a game, so I'll just work out the next two days of rest to make up for it...or maybe not! :)

Going to change out the laundry and hit the hay.

O, and there's been no thigh-mutiny to speak of. They still grumble, but they're learning to adapt.

Heepwah, have fun, and please be safe out there.

Mrs. Dreamer

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  1. Thanks so much for joining us at the Buddy Walk!! I know that it meant so much to Jen and Adrian to have you there :-) Plus - it is always fun to see you. I hope you have a great week and take care!!


Be safe out there.