Saturday, June 20, 2009

Old Timey Jokes

Ok, I have to share this with you - it was damn funny!

Realist and I were coming out of the Mart of Wal from obtaining last minute Father's Day cards, some triple A-batteries and allergy meds for Realist, contact solution for me, and assorted other little things that we would have forgotten about tomorrow. As we were walking out the door on the grocery side, we saw two groups of teenagers on either side of the entrance and exit doors.

Loitering little... Ahem. I digress.

We walk out, and Realist goes "What the -?" and points to my left. I look down and see a dollar bill lying on the ground!

And then I saw the fishing line...attached to a fishing pole...held by one of the loitering little teens.

"Nope, they're too smart," one kid said. There were a couple of guys with camcorders, one with a camera, several standing around and one with the fishing pole of gullibility (is that even a word? Is now.). We walked to the car and sat there under the pretense of unfogging the windows. Really we were just there to see if anyone else fell for it. We didn't have to wait long.

Guy and gal (she's pushing the cart) come out and he sees the bill. He puts a foot out to step on it and it moves. He two-steps and comes face to face with the fisherman. Realist and I were yucking it up in the car until the windows were actually clear. We left, purposely driving past them to give them all a big thumbs-up. Now who says that the oldies aren't goodies, and there's nothing fun to do in the 'patch anymore?

Amused the hell out of us!

Mrs. Dreamer

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