Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm a HUGE dork...

You know, I love Harry Potter. I'm not going to get into the depths of the stories because, for the most part, I'm content to let a story be just that - a story. I'm not sure why people want to analyze and pick apart 'why they think the author wrote what s/he did'...although that kind of makes me a bit hypocritical doesn't it? Seeing as how I have a degree in British/American Literature? Anyway, there's this fanfiction site of Harry Potter that I am an avid reader of that has these challenges every month or so. This month's challenge has sparked my interest enough that I'm writing one (sorry Megan, I'm tot' neglecting Lalo and Kati!). Let's just put it this way...there's a couple of Valley Girl cheerleaders in this one!
I cannot wait for HBP to come out! I want to see how they play Hermione's reactions to Lavender and Ron snogging at every possible moment. I want to see Ginny finally kiss Harry. I want Quidditch!! I want Potions and Transfiguration and Charms and Merlin help me, there are days I want a frigging wand (only so I can hex my boss's bits off, I promise...well, maybe make me a little bit taller *grin*)! Please tell me I'm not completely insane (wait, you can't - I don't like to be lied to). Sigh.
I started going through a drawer at a time tonight. I've got a half a bag of garbage now. I'm determined to have my stuff gone through and cleaned up by the end of the summer. Anyone got any good ideas for helping a confirmed pack rat renounce her genetics?
I'm also awaiting the arrival of New Moon. I'm torn between wanting to be Team Edward and Team Jacob. Edward, while a vampire, is good for Bella - he's grounded (much like Mr. Realist) and older. Jacob, in spite of being a werewolf, is also good for her - he's a teenager and more apt to have fun. There are times when Bella's just too serious for her own good. I guess I could go Team Alice - she sees both sides of it; while she's on Edward's side because he is her 'brother', I think she's a bit on Jacob's side because he can get her into less trouble (if you don't count the cliff diving bit).
Working my way through a Jim Butcher novel called Small Favor. It's pretty good so far. I'm also skimming my way through Your First Novel (Josh let me borrow this one). Kind of like a Bible. Picked up Eats, Shoots and Leaves last weekend at a used bookstore. If you think that your grammar could use a little brushing up on, you need to check it out. It's funny as hell in some parts, and I even learned a few things - who'dathunkit?
Sorry this one's a bit short - I didn't think about it until late. I did say that I would try to post every day, didn't I? And if you're reading this and think someone else would be amused by my ramblings, feel free to pass it along. BTW - I've got my first follower! Woot woot! (scratch that: first and SECOND followers!)
Only four more days to Camp O! HEEPWAH!
Have fun, and be safe out there

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