Thursday, June 4, 2009


*picture is not mine - saved from ihasahotdog dot com, but he does look like Duke when he was not a 60-lb lap dog*

Hello all out there! How was your day? Mine wasn't bad. Work is work, but I did get to go golfing this evening. I haven't golfed in almost two years. My hands hurt from gripping the club, but I had a good time. Couple of guys from work (Austin and Nick) and I went. Only played nine holes. Really don't think I could have played anymore. It's a comfortable ache everywhere!

How incredible is this weather?! Realist and I had the windows open all last night...all day today...and will be open all night tonight. Hooray for cool weather (even though it is June).

This is bad. It's 9.12pm on a Thursday night, and I'm ready to crawl into bed, read a couple of chapters of Half-Blood Prince and zonk out for the night!

Have fun and be safe out there,
Mrs. Dreamer

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