Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Active!

Sorry. Should be 'Wii Active." Realist and I bought a Wii Active yesterday and began the 30-day challenge today. I might be a bit overweight (read: are you kidding? a bit? a BIT?), but I play softball every summer. I use the push mower. I shovel snow, rake leaves, do a bit of gardening. I'm so very out of shape.

Round is a shape, though, isn't it?

Anyway...where was I? Oh yeah. Realist had his yearly checkup last week, and they took some blood to test for diabetes, his cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. etc. etc. They also scheduled him for a liver/gallbladder/stomach sonogram and an upper GI for Monday. He's good...but right at the cusp of becoming a diabetic. His mom's side is all diabetic (mom, four aunts, grandmother, grandfather...), so it just might be hereditary. Realist is a very large man. We are now on a regimented diet and exercise program. Red meat once a week. Main dish is veggies or pasta with chicken or turkey or fish. Realist is a work out in the morning kind of guy. Me? I'm a crabass in the morning until I've had my shower. Let me work out in the evening, shower, and I can sleep all night long. So, this Wii Active? Some walking, some running, curls, boxing, inline skating, lunges, all on the low intensity setting...

OHMYGOD! What did I sign up for? I'm out of my friggin mind! My thighs are going to start a mutiny, for Pete's sake! I'm vowing to keep at this for 30 days, even when I have a softball game. Anyone have any good advice for keeping on track with this?

Because if I lose my thighs to mutiny, other parts might start to follow.

And that's bad.

Heepwah (& hf-bsot)
Mrs. Dreamer

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