Sunday, January 24, 2010

Second Sunday

You know, I'm not sure of the 'Dear Readers' thing. I've seen 'Humble Readers' and 'Lovely Readers' and 'Bloggy Bitches'. :)

I think I'll take a page from Lady Gaga. She calls her fans her 'little monsters.' But you're not monsters (and I'm not the fabulous Lady Gaga).

You're my little dreamers, aren't you? Of course, it makes me sound like I'm an Evil Overlord. "Off with you, my little dreamers - serve me! muah-ha-ha-haaa!"

Anyway, my LDs (ooooo, I like that)....

This has been the second Sunday in a row that Mr. Realist and I have made it to church (!).
I was born and raised Roman Catholic.
Went to a Catholic grade school from kindergarten through eighth grade.
Went to a Catholic high school for my freshman year. (after that, it becomes a different story, but that's for a later date)
I liked going to Mass when I was in school. My favorite part? The music.
See, my LDs, I LOVE to sing, and I sing well. Best part when it was our class's turn to be Mass helpers was the fact that I (majority of the time) was the songleader. The first time getting up in front of the entire school and leading the songs was incredibly nerve-wracking. After that, it was a piece of cake. I got to college...and God 'ceased' to exist for me.

I'm getting distracted. Sorry.

That is one of Mr. Realist's goals ('fuck resolutions', right?) for this year - go to church regularly. Seeing as how I'm Catholic and he's non-denominational, it's actually not that hard.

You see, Pastor Randy of the Free Methodist Church here in the Boro of the Hills married us four years ago. He's a wonderful pastor and a hell of a guy (can I even say that about a religious figure? Hell?). He's passionate about his faith in God, and he wants that passion to grow in everyone.

So we're going to St. Agnes one week and the Free Methodist Church the next. We're rotating.

Mr. Realist made a good point after services today: he likes the message and the sermon of the Catholic Mass, but the music of the Free Methodist is much more uplifting.

I feel kind of like a hypocrite: born and raised Catholic, but attending a Free Methodist church part time. Liking the Catholic sermons, but the F.M. music much, much more. Today, whilst everyone else was singing along to music that I had no clue about the notes (words were up on a projector and they weren't in a music book), I tried to enjoy the music through my tears. The music affects me quite profoundly, and I don't know why.
Could it be God trying to tell me something?

There are ideas that confuse and anger me about religion, though.
1. I don't think it's very Christian if "your religion" is the only right one and the only way you can get into Heaven is if you worship there. Mr. Realist made a good point - it's the people that express that sentiment, not the religion itself. My retaliation to that is - they have to get the idea somewhere.
2. The Bible states that homosexuality is wrong. However, in some cases, I don't see it as a lifestyle choice. I will never, never be a professional golfer. It's just not in my genetic makeup. However, Natalie Gulbis is a professional golfer. Everyone is different - no two of us are exactly alike. So why should that be any different?

I'm struggling with faith here. How can all of the people around me, not just in church this morning but everywhere, have such unwavering faith?

And how can you combine Catholic with Methodist? Cathodist? Metholic?

Heepwah, and be safe out there,

Asking God for help,
Mrs. Dreamer

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