Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Readers

This was inspired by Mrs. Gamgee , who got it from Dragondreamer's Lair - it's the 2010 Book Challenge! As many of you know, I'm a bookie (not that kind of bookie. Like foodie, but with books. Get it?). So when I happened across this Challenge in one of my frequented blogs, I decided to join in.

Here's the challenge:
  1. your goal can be as high or low as you feel comfortable with...the goal is to read more, not to beat everyone else
  2. read, read, read
  3. keep a running total
  4. have fun
  5. if it is under 50 pages or an audio book, it counts as HALF a book
  6. anything over 50 pages counts as 1 BOOK no matter how long it is
  7. textbooks, childrens books, ebooks all count
  8. rereading counts and any books read so far count
  9. cookbooks count as a whole book if you actually read them (I mean really read...not just skim while looking for a recipe)
So I'll have one post per month that is just the books that I've read for that month. I'll give you title and author.

Maybe, just maybe, you'll see something that you like and take it for a spin.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Preferably with a book :)

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