Monday, January 11, 2010

A Dream Job...

Reville. Although my watch was always set five minutes earlier than the strains of the bugle coming at 5.55am.

Shower. If you get there early enough, there might be hot water left for you.

Breakfast. Mug of hot tea laced with copious amounts of sugar and milk. Breakfast casserole was the bomb.

Head count. Gotta make sure all thirty-seven or thirty-four or forty girls are present and accounted for

"What are we doing today?" (heard every morning)

Could be anything. 
Riflery. Archery. Canoeing. Boating. Hiking. Handicrafts. Horsemanship. Woodsmanship.

Lunch. Eaten picnic style on the trail or hiking back to the mess hall.

Then back to whatever was on the schedule. You got to do each activity twice during the week.

Shower. Hey, summer's hot, and the afternoon icy showers felt pretty good after you'd just been on the wrong end of a warm horse fart. :)

Inspection. A rainbow of colors on the parade grounds (the parking lot), each unit trying to outdo the others in timing and perfection.

Dinner. Eaten out by a fire or in the mess hall.

Evening activities.
Grotto fire (welcome to the place you'll lose your heart. Not to a boy or to friends, but to nature)
Unit fire (can you call Garnier from Daniel?)
The Game (now what the hell did Spies and Secret Agents have to do with camping?)
Overnight (Kane Lake. Pakentuck. Pine Alley. Wayne's World. Timmy's Well.)
Lodge (Indian dances and drums and flaming arrows and Simon's intentional slip)
Closing fire (trying to say goodbye to friends that have changed your life, and you theirs)

I did this for two glorious summers when I was in high school. 
My first real paying job was one of a summer camp counselor where I'd been a camper the previous five summers, one week at a time.

They say you need to dress for the job you desire most.

I dress in tie-dye and sandals every chance I get.

Challenge #5 from {W}rite of Passage
Re-create for us your first job, your first "real" job, your last job. Tell us details about your first day, or last day. Not generalities like, "My boss sucked" because we've all learned from Dooce not do to that.

But pick a day of your life in a significant, or completely insignificant, job and make us feel like we're living it with you.

I know. I decided to do an entire week. As a camp counselor, you can't just take one day. They blend together like perfectly prepared pizza ingredients. Camp could never be insignificant.

At least, not to me.

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