Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sorry LDs

for not posting lately. I skipped over Bitch and Moan Monday (Mr Realist's last evening at home until tomorrow night - he's working in their home branch for the next two weeks, and it's two hours away. I'm essentially single all next week.); didn't post Tuesday, and I've nothing prepared for Written Word Wednesday.

Except this:

Barnes & Noble is up for sale.


I don't know about you, LDs, but I'm a dedicated bookie.

Bookie like foodie but with books.

I lovelovelove the smell of paper and inks; the tug of a slick cover on my fingers or the softness of a matte one; the crack I hear when I get a new book and the first thing I do is open the book to the approximate middle and crack the glue and hard paper of the spine *delicious shiver*; the taste of it in my hands.

I have a Reader app on my iPhone, but I'm a traditionalist at heart - I want physical, in-my-hand, fold-the-corners-down-to-keep-my-place-or-open-on-its-face paper book. I don't particularly relish the idea of having a Kindle or Nook or iPad or any other virtual reader that they might come out with.

What do you think, LDs?

I know that I could be perfectly content, going in to a BN (or Borders; I'm an equal opportunity book whore) at opening and staying all day long, reading.

You know, I just might have to check out the library (OMG, no I haven't done that yet...course I work all day, and that's not conducive to spending eight or so hours reading).

Book whores of the world, unite!

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Ms D


  1. If anything I would probably shell out the extra money for the ipad. Think about it - $200ish for just an ebook reader, or $500 for a tablet. Sure it's an extra $300, but you're spending half of it on a dedicated device, why not just get the one that does more than one thing?

    Least that's my logic behind it. Besides, its technically a MAC. For $500! Haha I'm becoming too much of a Mac fangirl.

    But I prefer traditional books as well. Hell I just spent $500 on textbooks! ;_;

  2. I'm a bookie or a book whore from way back. But a cheap one. I prefer the library and buying on I go through too many books to be buying them new and certainly can't afford to buy them as e books. Not to mention where the hell do you store all of them?

  3. Fellow bookie here!! I love my library, it keeps me stocked in books while not costing me a fortune! I have no bookshelf room left anyway! Hehe. I just finished the Twilight saga and really enjoyed that but I read the last two in one weekend and my eyes hurt and I dreamt of vampires and werewolves for days afterwards! Any recommendations? I'm about to start IVF cycle #3 and need a good distraction!


  4. I'm a definite book whore here. While having B&N go up for sale saddens me a bit, as long as Amazon is around, I won't stress too badly. I kind of hope the decline of B&N might mean the resurgence of the small, local book sellers.

    #28 ICLW

  5. Serious book whore...omg, the smell. All of your descriptions are sooooo what I love. Now I need a bookstore. I need to go breathe it in!

    Happy ICLW #77

  6. I'm lucky enough to live in NYC where despite the budget cuts we still have semi-functioning public libraries... I agree that reading an actual book is distinct from reading on your phone or an electronic device. I feel like I would never remember a novel that I read on an ipad.

  7. I'm very, VERY envious of you! I used to be a bookie but that was (*&*( years ago. I used to read a novel a week when I was in high school and I was the ONLY person (count 'em - ONLY) in my group who loved the library. I would run into friends in the neighborhood and say, "Hey, you want to go to the library?" Needless to say, they ran screaming in the other direction. Over the years, books have gotten further and further and further away. I keep threatening to start up again but I'm always SO busy - TOO busy. (sigh)

    Maybe I'll go back to the way I did it in high school: I read when I went to bed at night. Made for sleepy days but nights of adventure!

  8. Surfed over from iclw - Hi!

    I'm not, and never have been, a big reader, but I do love bookstores. I love looking at the books and browsing thru a few pages while sitting in an isle. I love watching all the bookstore people. Sometimes we'll be bored and just go spend the evening at the bookstore, instead of going to a movie or dinner.

    You know, I've always wondered why libraries couldn't learn a thing or two from bookstores. How cool would it be if your public library had a little coffeestore, and a magazine stand, and some 'stuff' for sale, in addition to the free books that you can check out.

    Hehe - I think that I've read more since I found this online world than I have in years :) Hope that you have a great week. - Foxy

  9. i am with you--i totally prefer real books to all this electronic stuff. the smell of books is one of my favorite--there's nothing like going into a library and taking a big whiff! :)

    happy iclw!

  10. My parents-in-law bought me a Kin.dle for xmas this year. I didn't think I'd like it because I'm such a book dork. My husband rolls his eyes at me every time we go into a book store because I'll smell the books. (Especially a used book store... mmmmm... they just don't make books like they used to. They no longer smell as sweet....)

    So anyway. I didn't think I'd like having the Kin.dle.

    I'm embarrassed to admit... I love it. I still walk into bookstores and have to touch every book and it takes all I have not to buy about twenty of them each trip... but the Kin.dle is so easy to get books, read books, re-read books. Whenever and wherever I want!!!

    The one downside to me? I am a big supporter of independent shops, especially independent book shops (and coffee shops... but that's another subject). Independent shops already have trouble surviving in the world of BN and Borders (not that THAT has ever stopped me from being drawn to a big BN like metal to a magnet) and I worry how they will deal with this new electronic book trend. *sigh*



Be safe out there.