Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I know I'm weird, LDs. Kooky. Crazy. Odd. Different. Strange. I seem to say that more often than I should.

I. Am. Weird.

But I just had a very weird daydreamlet. It's a crazy crush. Like the kind you got in junior high about the popular boy with the great hair and killer smile and always made everyone feel liked.

Has anyone else found themselves crushing on someone? Even if you're married, you can still get crushes.

But I mean someone totally inappropriate?

Like if you told anyone, they'd go "What the fuck? You need some shock therapy followed by some really, really good drugs.


cartoon characters?

*mental facepalm* (can't believe you just said that, Stevie. why not? the d's got a right to know some of the shit the big one thinks about, Stephanie. yeah, well, this might freak some people out. us? tough.)

I'm talking like two-dimensional, drawn-to-be-watched-on-TV, obnoxious cartoons.

Tell me your weirdest crush. And I'll tell you mine. And it kind of makes me blush. And it's not a girl, so you can give up on that one.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Ms Dreamer

PS - the show (cartoon) was cancelled for a while, but it's coming back.
PPS - it definitely is obnoxious.


  1. My weirdest crush: Tony Soprano. A middle aged, overweight, balding, verbally abusive, adultering criminal is my absolute dream fuck. Hopefully that makes you feel better about your weirdest crush:)

  2. I've given his initials...

    And Tony's a bit hot in the 'I wanna be a mobster moll' kinda way.


Be safe out there.