Monday, August 23, 2010

Bitch and Moan Monday

That's right - she's back!


Like Kisha, I generally try to be a happy person, and I uber-hate confrontations. But sometimes rainbows and fucking glitter have to take a backseat to fire and brimstone and the half-evil side of me coming out (Mr Realist thinks I need a 333 tattoo). It's why I'mromantically involved with Kisha. I save up some nuggets of brimstone and tongues of flame, and let them all go on Mondays. It's a perfect fucking day to bitch. Mondays suck most of the time.

LDs, I'm a firm believer that a relationship should be fifty-fifty. Split right down the middle. Two people creating one life together.

But a conversation was had today between two guys about a girlfriend.

How he was busy working on his car, and she came looking for some attention ('being needy' as he put it), and he got pissed off about it.

Because he was doing something not fun and saving them some money by fixing his car himself and she was a distraction and how she needed just to back the fuck off until he was done.

Um, female LDs, how many times has your man come to you when you're doing something not fun but it has to be done and he wants attention and is being needy and he practically throws a tantrum when he doesn't get attention. Right. Fucking. Now.

So it's ok for HIM to do it but not for HER?

O no no no, LDs. Fuck no.

So, if you're doing dishes and your SO comes up behind you and wants The Sexy Time or just a cuddle and you tell them you're busy and "when I'm finished" and they get all "I'm only three and a half years old and I want attention NOWNOWNOWNOWNOWNOW!"

be like Kanye: "Imma let you finish, but unlike you now, these dishes ain't gonna do themselves." (drop mic, dual peace, and out)

How's your day been, LDs? Peaceful? Quiet? Or a raging shitstorm of stupidity?

Tell us about it. We'll listen.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Ms D


  1. wow, have you been eavesdropping in my house? right on, down to the working on the car thing and all. :)


Be safe out there.