Monday, August 23, 2010

Another meme

I love memes! And I'm digging ICLW! And I'm so stealing this from Mrs. Gamgee (cause she rules as well).

1) If you could live in any country but the US, where would you live? Somewhere in the UK/somewhere very green.

2) Why did you title your blog “The Dreamer and The Realist”?
I'm a dreamer. I could sit for hours, watching the clouds drift lazily by, soaking up the sun and the dirt and letting the 300-ring circus imagination go where it wants. The other half is a realist. He'd be sitting beside me, holding up an umbrella so I don't get rained on, complaining that the ground is too hard or there's a stick poking him or he's hungry/thirsty/tired. He sees the world as it is - unfair and obnoxious and hard-lines-and-boxes; I see it as I want it to be - fluffy clouds and fair play and rounded corners.

3) How many “in real life” people know about your blog?
There's a few. I know I have 16 on-blog followers (not a clue how many in a Reader), and only about half I know personally.

4) Why did you decide to start blogging?
On a whim. Just someplace I could come and write and vent. I've kept journals since I was eight (don't have them all, though), so this seemed like a natural transition. I started it when we were trying to have children, and I'm still doing it even though we've decided against the little buggers.

5) What kind of clothes do you wear?
As casual as I can. My favorite outfit is my khaki shorts or bootcut jeans, a tie-dyed tee, and either my airwalk sandals or my Doc Marten Mary Janes.

6) What are you having for dinner tonight?
Tacos and a musical :)

7) Where do you “blog”?
Blogger. O, wait, you meant physically. On my ass, on the bed in the bedroom.

8) Do you like to cook?
I love to cook. I hate cleaning up, but it's what I end up doing since Mr Realist is kinda lazy about that.

9) What’s your beverage of choice at night?
There is always a bottle or glass of water by my side of the bed.

10) What would you most like to know about your fellow bloggers who read this? I want to know why they started blogging. What was it that made this form of communicating and interacting with others interesting to you? (leaving this from Mrs Gamgee - she's a right smart one!)

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Ms D


  1. Water is so underrated, it's nature's fruitjuice!

  2. Happy ICLW. I love me a good meme. Doc Martens, ah, I haven't worn those in awhile, but very comfy choice. I am all about being comfy too.

    -Jess #74

  3. Ok...I have to ask. What is heepwah (and please don't laugh to hard if it is blatantly obvious)?

    I started blogging when we were slogging our way through secondary infertility. It gave me the information I needed to carry my post IF pregnancy to term and it saved my sanity in the process. It's also a hella cheaper than therapy.

    Thanks for all the times you come by my blog. Y'all mean the world to me.

  4. Kristin - no worries! It's a word that we use at Camp Ondessonk in southern Illinois. It's a Native American word that means "welcome, good job, way to go," or just as a positive, good vibe kind of thing.

    I would agree hella cheaper than therapy...$500 an hour? for you to listen to me cry/whine/yell shit out? I'd much rather do it on a blog where your readers just might be going through the same thing you are and are able to commiserate with you.

    And you're quite welcome - I love reading your stuff. :)


Be safe out there.