Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Sometimes, LDs, as I'm reading other blogs, I start thinking. Not about why I started this blog (I honestly couldn't tell you), but what's my niche in the Great Blogosphere.

I'm not a 'mommyblogger' - you have to be a mom to be that. If you've gone back and read older posts, you might find that at one point, Mr Realist and I did want to be parents. After Miss Shitass (his sister) got pregnant whilst we were trying and wanted me to be happy for her (even though she was spreading her twatwaffle for every boyfriend) and I just couldn't be. I don't begrudge Aubree her life. God created her for a reason, and we hope it's not just for population. We're too selfish (read: I'm too selfish) with our lives and our free time and our friends, and yes, our money for kids. When we came to this decision, it was like a gigantic weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I guess I could mommyblog about my furbabies, but there's only so much you can write about two dogs that chase their tails and birds and bugs and bark at everything that moves and eat things that a goat wouldn't touch and lick up cayenne pepper that we layered around the fence to keep him from digging and all we had to show for that, LDs, was a dog with a red mud tongue, happy as a pig in shit.

I'm not a food blogger. Foodie, yes. Food blogger, no. I put one recipe up here about two hundred and fifty years ago (of course, this was before anyone really read my blog that I know of). Maybe I should start putting up recipes from Pampered Chef along with pictures? I'm not so good at the picture taking, yos.

I'm not a photography blogger. See above. I take pictures of things that interest me, and quite possibly not anyone else other than Mr Realist.

I don't give stuff away. I don't make money from blogging. I don't blog enough to make money from blogging. I can't give stuff away just because I want to. I'd have to have money to buy the things to give away and then to ship the stuff to the weeners. You see the vicious circle?

I don't meme/theme/whatever. I do Bitch and Moan Monday because I so love Kisha, and she rocks me right out of my socks (when I'm wearing them). Other than that, I seem to blog when the mood strikes me (and Mondays). I love topics. (hint, hint) Depending on what that topic is, I'm either quite passionate or mildly indifferent.

I'm as flighty as a cloud, and yet some days, I'm mired in concrete.

Help me out, LDs. What do you want to hear Mrs Dreamer talk about? (o hell...I sound like Mike Meyers from SNL when he was doing that one crazy lady from Joizy that gave you topics to discuss when she was 'all verklempt')

Let me know what you think.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your concrete cloud
Mrs Dreamer

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  1. I was looking at your tags and saw one "whore". You should totally use that as a topic of inspiration.


Be safe out there.