Tuesday, June 1, 2010

B&M Monday...Not-so-Turrible Tuesday

Nah, I'm just kidding. I totally missed yesterday and the Bitch and Moan Monday (sorry, lova). I really didn't have anything to bitch about.

It was a long and wonderful weekend. Prefacing that with...

Mr Realist and I got iPhones on Wednesday! I'm happy with them (so far). It does seem like it takes several steps to just check voicemail, whilst on our old BlackJack IIs, it was one button and there you were.

Anyhoo...Friday night, we didn't do much of anything (played with the new toys).

Saturday, we took Daisy and Duke (not intentional, I swear) to the vet for their rabies shots and boosters and heartworm meds. Someone opened up a dog wash (like a manual car wash, only for dogs) in the Boro, so we went up there. It's great - if you have dogs with shorter hair and aren't outside. Daisy came out looking like a drowned fox; Duke just came out clean. So...we took them home, shaved Duke, and only got as far as holding Daisy down and cutting out the mats and using a dematting comb on her (normally she doesn't like having her fur messed with - it does take two of us to comb her. Duke chills.) and whilst she looks better, she still needs shaved and a good scrubdown. We finally threw in the towel for the day around 4.30. I think I scissored her tail too short - it looks like a bottle brush! :)

Sunday, our friend Tim got married. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. Outside, noon wedding, very casual (Mr Realist got to wear shorts and a short-sleeved button down...and he was not the most dressed down), and a most beautiful bride and handsome groom. They met through Habitat for Humanity (I believe), and she's originally from NY. They're having a NY wedding in September (talk about bogarting the holiday weekends for the summer!). Tim and Ginny - best wishes go with you!

Yesterday, we vegged all. day. long. Watched Avatar (fucking kick ass). Watched Year One (dumb). Did all the laundry. Went grocery shopping. And were completely useless bums all day. Loved it. To all our servicemen and women the world over - thank you.

Of course, now Mum Dreamer and I are trying to decide on our inexpensive weekend vacation; I want to camp down south for a weekend (which might happen here in a couple of weeks!); can't wait for Camp O in September. I'm scheduling my week vacation for the week of our anniversary (which is the weekend after Camp - five years, baby!).

And I'm looking into going back to school via online to get my Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. :) I love Ren Draya - she's the bombshizzle professor I had in college.

How was your weekend?

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your contemplative
Mrs Dreamer

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  1. Don't feel bad-I totally phoned my in this week. No worries. I need Mr. Floren to piss me off on Sunday nights or something so I have bitching material.


Be safe out there.