Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letters to Me

I stated last week that I would be writing a letter to myself. The more I pondered it, the more I found that I might have to write four letters. One to each of me.

~Alara is the eight-year old. She always wants to make everyone happy, even at the cost of her own happiness. She's the creative well and also the one most easily hurt.

~Stevie is the BAMF (bad ass mutha fucka). She's the one who doesn't take shit from anyone, and tries her damnedest to protect Alara.

~Stephanie is the 50s-era mom (who's not really a mother) who finds pleasure in a tidy yard and home and 5.30 dinners. She's in direct cahoots with Mr Realist.

~Steph is the one who ties them all together. She's the one most often seen in public and more like a filter than anything else. She tries her best to keep a bit of everyone available.

Now, do I write one letter, or do I write four?


  1. Probably easier to write 4. Otherwise, it would be a long letter!

  2. I think 4-each facet of yourself definitely deserves it.


Be safe out there.