Monday, October 25, 2010

Bitch and Moan Monday

O, LDs. You have no idea how I need this today. And it will be liberally laced with the eff word, and the c word might make an appearance if I get too heated.

Yeah. This.

(picture here)

Bitch and Moan Monday (and why the flying fuck can I not put the fabulous piccy here?? It's just adding to my frustrations. I'm feeling really really really really stabby).

And you know, it's all about work.

LDs, I'm not a professional blogger (although I kinda wish I was). I think I'd have to post more than once a week and maybe post something relevant to more than the 20 or so of you who love me. But then I'd deal with meanies by beating the piss out of them.

Let me just say I'm not a fucking idiot. I know my job, but most of the time, I feel like an imposter. Like they're suddenly going to lightbulb and go "why the fuck did we hire her? she's dumber than a box of dog biscuits!" It's one of those things that doesn't go away. The 8yo in my head cries when she feels stupid. She doesn't like feeling stupid. And the BAB* in my head gets fucking righteously pissed off when the 8yo cries. Don't make her cry.

I at least give people the common fucking courtesy of letting them know when they fuck up, but by making sure I don't reply all to the email. I just reply to them. I know what it's like to fuck up, but there are some people who get their goddamned jollies making someone else look bad because it takes the heat off of them for fucking up way more often than I do.

Ya know, get off your fucking high horse and be a motherhumping human. Do you like being pushed around? Do you like being made fun of? I sure the fuck don't. I'm sorry that you are an idiot. Some of us aren't.

FUCK! Really? OMGWTFBBQ! I just want to slap those kind of people with Keith Richards' dick (he's the first really old dude that popped into my head), and ask them what the fuck do they use for brains?

'Cause it's obviously not the brains God gave them.

I just wanna brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack (thanks, Ke$ha) right now. I had a PBR/fire smoke hangover all day yesterday, and it was gone this morning.

It's back with a fucking vengeance. Wonder if an oxycodone-laced coffee will help...

Anyone else have one of these days?

*shakes head and dreams of the day recreational weed is legalized. i'd be a happy dreamer*

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Or I'll hit you with Keith Richards' dick.

And that's gross.

Ms Dreamer

*BAB - bad ass bitch. That's Stevie. Alara's the 8yo. Stephanie's staying out of this one. She just wants to go home and make chicken fings this evening.


PPS-- *grin*

PPPS--told you

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