Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day Four -- Other Forgiveness

LDs, this past weekend was a phenomenal one. Mumsy Dreamer and I went to Mother/Daughter Weekend at Camp Ondessonk. Two and a half days of doing some of what campers do in a week there during the summer.

Mumsy Dreamer had never really been there. She was either working or too drunk (imagine that). So when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped at the chance. I registered us, and gave her the choice of units, just giving her enough descriptive rope to hang herself with:

"Mumsy, do you want to stay on the lake, in a cave, or up a small bluff?"

"Up a small bluff sounds cool." He he he. There's a reason it's called the "Stairmaster Unit." 70 stairs from bottom to top (we stayed in Cabin 2, which is only about 50 stairs up). Never, ever again. Next year, it's either Daniel, Brebeuf, or Raganeau (in that order. C - where would you stay?).

Anyway, we hiked. We horseback rode. We did handicrafts. We sang camp songs and sat by fire pits and met a really great woman and her daughter (hi Lib & Ash, if you're reading this!) and had an absoballylute blast. We're more prepared for next years' coyotes and raccoons and uncomfortable beds and o holy hells bring better shower shoes!

This post isn't about what we did this weekend. M/D Weekend at camp is meant to bring you and your Mumsy closer, should you choose. I did this quite a while ago, but y'all can know.

I forgive you. You got pregnant with me directly out of high school. You didn't give up. Even when Oma & Opa Dreamer tried to keep me, you fought back, just enough. Even though as we grew up, there were dark times when your friends and your alcohol and your drugs took all of your time, and I had to be Mumsy and Big Sister in one.

At my darkest, you gave up, just enough, to let your daughter show everyone what she was capable of. At fourteen, you let her go to succeed....and I did. I forgive you for the darkness you cast over me. I hate that you missed my college graduation (for more than one reason), but I forgive you for your part in missing it.

I forgive you for your mistakes, and I hope you forgive me for mine.

But since you quit drinking three years ago and quit doing drugs almost four years ago, there's nothing left to forgive. It's all been done.

I love you, Mumsy Dreamer. Every day.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Ms Dreamer

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  1. Once a girl of Lalemant always a girl of Lalemant! I'd definitely stay out in orange crush land - plus it's the place we stayed as kids so that'd be cool for her to see and stay in. I'm so glad she got to experience Camp O! Tell her hi from me. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm a tad jealous :)


Be safe out there.