Saturday, January 8, 2011

Four Months

Just four months.

To the day.

That's all the longer she held on.

She missed her sister (so did we).

While we were out this evening, Bonnie Rat took her last breath.

She must have left minutes before we got home--she was still warm. I had to take her out of her cage. Mr Realist couldn't do it.

And it blows that the ground is frozen and snow-covered so we can't dig her a spot next to her sister until it thaws a bit. She's in a safe place for now.

I'd been calling her Bonnaroo for whatever reason, or 'roo for short. It was nice to have someone to say 'bye' to in the morning after Mr Realist had left, and someone to say 'hi' to being the first one home.

Mr Realist just asked if we were big dorks for being this upset. I told him no.

Because we're not. We know how to love.

Sleep well, 'roo. We'll see you at Rainbow Bridge with Sally. Give Whiskey hell for me, 'kay?

We'll miss you.

Ms D

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