Monday, May 17, 2010

Bitch and Moan Monday

Good morning, LDs. How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good - Friday, we went to the Old Rock House in the Loo to watch a friend's band play (they're awesome); Saturday, we priced heavy bags and stands for Mr Realist and a sit up bench for me and went to a 30th birthday party (surprise); Sunday, brunch and groceries and dicking around on the interwebz.

But today....o, today...

It's Bitch and Moan Monday!

That's right, LDs - time for you to get off your chest what's making you bitchy today!

Here's the sad part: I don't have much to bitch and moan about today. I mean, come on - how could Mrs Dreamer have much to b & m about?

O...wait...I'm married to Mr Realist. NOW I remember!

But he's done well in the last week. I mean VERY well. After last weeks' Sad Face post, some things actually made it through his thick skull. He is lazy, and he's actually working on it. So I'm cutting him some slack today.

But I am pretty miffed at my new coffee cup. See, LDs, since I met my friend Jessi, I've been trying to be more conscious of saving the world with recycling (it's a start). Yesterday, whilst we were at Walgreens (had to pick up some new face stuff-more on that later), I saw they had the eco coffee cups. They're double-walled ceramic with removable silicone grip and lid. I bought one - need to start bringing my own coffee. I love the stuff, but it's too expensive to buy every day (not that I did, but the new cup makes me feel important. Lame, I know).

The lid works in theory, but being in a car cup holder? Fuggedaboudit.

I have coffee in my cup holder. Coffee running down behind the silicone grip. Coffee on my leg. Coffee on my new purse. So, I have a coffee cup with no lid on my desk (o, the horrors!) and cold coffee (didn't keep it as warm as I expected). Boo.

The other thing? My face. It's a pretty average face: two eyes (blue-grey - like the color of a thundercloud), nose (crooked - gotten hit in it a few times, but never broken it), mouth (semi-full lips; I don't wear lipstick very often - chapstick or carmex is normally what you'll find, and on rare occasions, tinted lip gloss), chin, cheeks, forehead, whathaveyou. My issue is that I am thirty-two (32; Sweet Sixteen Doubled)...and I Still. Have. Acne.

I have not found a single thing that works to clear this shiz up, LDs. I've tried Noxzema, Neutrogena, Avon, Clinique (worked somewhat). I'm now on l'oreal's 360 face cleanser (comes with a little rubbery scrubber - kinda feels cool). Let's see if this works. And before you suggest Proactive, or for God's sakes, a dermatologist, I have sensitive skin. I don't want it to work, and then me have to use it (pay for it) for the rest of my natural life. LDs, what do/did you use? Cause I'm tired of this.

Not too bad today, huh? No Mr Realist complaints (yay - I'm sure you were tired of hearing about him), no work (try my hardest not to do that, right Dooce?), just my crappy coffee and my acne and the fact that it's raining. Again. Today. For like the third day in a row.

What's got you Bitching and Moaning today?
Step in cat poo?
Dump red wine on your white linen pants (if you were drinking wine this early, I hate you)?
Or is your day just peaches and cream?

Tell us about it.

Heepwah, and be safe out there

Your on-the-upswing
Mrs Dreamer


PPS - I just hadn't said fuck at all this post, so I figured you'd think me ill if I didn't.

PPPS - Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

PPPPS - Ahhhhh...that felt good. :)



  1. That's a real shame about your mug - sounded like a good idea right up until the not-working!! :)

  2. Thanks, Rachel, and welcome (haven't seen you before)!


Be safe out there.