Monday, April 5, 2010

Bitch and Moan Monday


Happy Easter Monday, LDs! It's not so bad here...but there is something I want to Bitch and Moan about. And let's just be happy that no one in my blood family reads this. I might be in trouble.

What is so damn bad about a boy wanting to learn how to knit? I took my knitting to Grandma's yesterday so I'd have something to do whilst relaxing after dinner.

I'm knitting a baby afghan for a friend of mine, and it's just about completed (I'll take pictures when I'm finished with it). It's big and kind of bulky, so I put that aside and made one more knitted washcloth with some remaining cotton yarn I had left so I could sit at the kitchen table and talk. My aunt has no desire to learn.

The twelve-year old cousin...does.

The twelve-year old cousin is a member of the male persuasion (yes, a boy).

I hooked him up with some spare needles and scrap yarn I had in my bag.

Showed him my cast on, and it picked it up like a duck to water.

Showed him how to knit, and he took to that like a lab going after a duck in the water.

I'm just worried that his dad will start picking fun at him for that.

Ya see, LDs, my uncle can be an asshole. He makes fun of people for being morons (granted, that's not any reason to get mad at him, for I either make fun of or am the moron). He also pokes fun at people who are obviously different (not as in handicapped different).

Like my friend B's little brother, P. P comes across like he could be gay, but there's no reason to believe that he is.

Uncle Asshole calls him a 'homer' (as close to the H word as one could get)...and cousin is picking up on calling people 'homers'.

I swear, if he even pokes fun at cousin for knitting, I'll fucking stab him through the heart with my biggest needles.


Auntie D isn't too happy about the way Uncle Asshole treats cousin, either. Always telling cousin he's going to buy a pink glove or pink this or pink that.

It's not the greatest, but it's bothering me.

What's got you Bitching and Moaning today?
Sitting at work doing nothing because there's nothing to do?
Neighbor's dog shit in your yard?
Or are you having a pretty good day (asshats)?

Tell me about it.
Then linky through Kisha.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your bored
Mrs Dreamer


  1. Rampant sexism pisses me the fuck off. My dad was like that, he would never let me mow the lawn or do any of the fun stuff because "I was a girl" and therefore only capable of doing dishes and laundry. One would think I would have rebelled, instead, I'm a housewife. Guess it must not have scarred me too badly:) However, it will scar a prepubescent male...not cool at all! Junkpunch him, for sure.

  2. Amen, sista! I was the opposite - wanna mow? Sure. Hand me that tool, please. Drive the hay truck when you're 12.

    Make pie crust? Are you out of your mind - I'd rather just eat it! :)


Be safe out there.