Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm trying to decide on my memes for the week.
Kisha has offered to allow me to tag onto her Bitch and Moan Monday, and I'm gonna take her up on that offer.

Tuesday Twofer? Two posts? LDs, I'm having problems coming up with one each day! I need positivity, yos. Tuesday...Tuesday...any ideas?

I think I've got Wednesday's down - Written Wednesday. I'll showcase snippets of stories or what I'm reading and my thoughts. I like this one :)

Thirsty Thursday, which kind of fits in, since we're at a bar throwing darts every Thursday. However, how am I going to blog when I'm darting? In college, we had TTPN (Thirsty Thursday Porn Night). Bunch of us (guys and girls) would gather in 2nd Red's hall. Someone would procure a bad 70s or 80s porn, and we'd watch it, making fun and commenting about the ... erm ... action.

Friday... Free For All Friday? Nah, sounds like a radio program (and it is, around here). Kish has Freebie Friday. What about fffffff....fuggetaboutit...I'll think of something.

Well, I have two so far - Monday and Wednesday. We'll just start there...

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Your LD-loving
Mrs Dreamer


  1. Yay, Bitch and Moan Monday button, here we come!

    I LOVE Thirsty Thursday, and TTPN is even better. Thursday just seems like a great night of the week to drink, no?

  2. @kisha - YES! :) It's like a pre-celebration of the weekend!

  3. I have no idea, I'm not that creative.

  4. Provident - nice to see a new face :) Welcome - stay as long as you like!


Be safe out there.