Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The A-B-Cs of Mrs D

Hello, my LDs (for those of you who are new, LDs means you're my 'little dreamers.')!

I ganked this from Mrs. Gamgee at The Hobbit Hole. It's a good way to let you know who I am.

A - Awesomesauce. Which I am totally full of.

B - Books. I love them, and I read voraciously. I devour books like a ravenous dragon, hell-bent on consuming the Fair Virgin before the Knight in Shiny Armor comes to rescue her. I'm not saying that I crack-snap-flip-toast-devour them so quickly that I don't taste them. I do. Most people don't believe that I can read and retain them like I do.

C - Creative. I have a 300-ring circus for an imagination.

D - Doggies. I have two - Daisy and Duke. No, it was not intentional. It was the only thing they'd answer to (we got them a year apart).

E - Excellent. You can't argue with that.

F - Flighty. Um, hello? Have you not been reading all this time? LDs, most of the time I'm so flighty that I need some fucking wings.

G - Girly. Well, not so much. Ya see, I'd like to be able to wear cute dresses and not have children ask if they can play with the baby when s/he comes (yeah, I'm not pregnant, but apparently I look eleventyseven months along); I'd like to wear makeup that didn't make me look like...well...horrible (at last I think); I'd like to have my nails done, but even when I do them myself, I'll take them off in two days because they either hurt or look like shiz or they're in my way. What I need is some shopping and makeup advice from someone who's good at it. Any takers?

H - Headstrong. I know what I believe in, and you can't tell me I'm wrong.

I - Intelligent. 2 + 2 = 4. The square root of 81 is 9. Bacon is full of The Awesomness. See? I know what I'm talking about.

J - Jovial. Anything that makes me laugh is a good thing.

K - Kind. Small children (even though I don't want them), animals, and people (if they deserve it) are included under my protective umbrella.

L - Loyal. I'm like a dog (in a good way).

M - Myself. I can't be what I'm not.

N - Neurotic. Just slightly.

O - Optimistic. I try to see every situation as 'the glass is half-full', and I've always been like that. Although life is starting to wear that down, and I hate it.

P - Perky. I used to be a cheerleader about 250 years ago, LDs. Green/White and Red/Black poms, short skirts (snap check), pristine white cheer shoes, and ground-up toe touches. I like being perky.

Q - Quiet. I know. I KNOW. You don't think I can be. But most days, I like nothing better than sitting and reading four or five books on the weekend; just me and my drink and a stack of books.

R - Real. There is nothing about me fake. I'm the Velveteen Rabbit, LDs

S - Superstitious. I believe in ghosts and little green men.

T - Talented. I used to play the trumpet. I can roll my tongue, belch on command,

U - Unique. Boy, am I ever!

V - Vivacious. Goes along with Perky. :)

W - Wife. That is one part of me. Mr Realist is my husband, and I love him dearly.

X - Boy, wouldn't I give for X-Ray vision. I could see what's actually buried in my backyard instead of letting my dog dig it up!

Y - Youthful. Not only in looks - I still get carded, yos; but in my exuberance. LDs, we went to Disney World on our honeymoon two years ago. I teared up when I got to see Cinderella's Castle. That shiz is awesome.

Z - Zest. I have a zest for living. Good food, good friends, good conversation: I'm a happy girl!
Have a great weekend!
Heepwah, and be safe out there.
Your alphabetical
Mrs Dreamer
PS: World Cup 2010 - GO USA! If we fail...GO ENGLAND! :) Kind of double dipping there, aren't I? USA plays England tomorrow, and we're partying with some friends for it.

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