Friday, July 26, 2013

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday here in the land of the weird. 

I had a lovely lunch today with my friend Jen -- had a pork patty lunch from one of the churches here in town, and went to a park and just sat and nattered on for an hour. I needed it -- needed to get out of the office, to have some girl conversation, and just enjoy the outdoors. It does suck that summertime has pulled away the knitting night. Makes part of me yearn for fall and longer hours and more time. :)

I think that this weekend is going to be a good one. Moon's in its waning phase, and it should be a good night tomorrow night just to be outside with a small fire, some good friends, and a beer or three.

I hope everyone's week has gone well, and if it hasn't...well, here's to hoping that your weekend is better.

Ms D

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