Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You know what? People just need to chill the fuck out about those of us who do not have children and do not want children.

There was an anonymous comment left to be moderated on one of my old posts about not having children. I was told that "you really don't know what love is until you have a child." Are you kidding me? So the love that I have for my husband and my family and my friends, that I would DIE for them, isn't enough? I deleted it, but the more I thought about it, the more irritated and angry it made me.

When did you become God and could love with every fibre of your being? You can't tell me that you've never had a cross thought about your kids (if you have them); if you tell me that, you're a liar.

How dare you presume to tell me that my life is not fulfilled enough - you have no idea who I am or what I'm about. There are days that I don't think my life is fulfilled...and it's not due to lack of children. ~I want to go back to school, study all kinds of things--that's what I'm missing.

~I haven't travelled enough - I want to see Europe, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Egypt.

~I want to have my own space in the home I share with my husband--a place I can paint on the walls, hang posters, write, sing, relax, etc.

Yes, a couple of years ago, the husband and I were trying for kids. But the more it went on, the more discouraged we got, and we started weighing out the pros and cons of having them.

For us, the cons outweighed the pros, so we nixed the idea and just went back to being us.


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  1. I can't believe someone would say that to you you! That is as obnoxious as the people who told me that I wasn't meant to be a mom because I have reproductive issues!

    Your choices are yours, and no one can/should judge you because of the road you choose to walk. Saying that you don't know what love is until you have a child is beyond rude and offensive. Not to mention not even remotely true. Yes, I love Ginny, but it hasn't changed how I love my Beloved, or my friends and family. I love them as much now as I did before.

    It just goes to show that there will always be someone who thinks they have the right to tell us what to do with our reproductive organs. Ugh!


Be safe out there.