Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

We celebrated Christmas with my family today. It was nice...ish. I dressed up a bit (new top, bottoms, and necklace), and was surprisingly comfortable - meaning no one commented on my weight! This was my outfit (I had already taken off the necklace, and yes, I am incredibly washed out in this pic) - cowl neck jersey sweater tunic, black leggings (first time ever wearing them like this!), black knee-high hooker boots that I've had for ages. Husband said it was a smokin' hot outfit!

Did get a nice bunch of presents - money, a portable USB charger (for my phone), some more perfume, fabric scissors, an adapter so I can iPod through my car frame ornament, and some hella good cookies (Oma makes enough for a small army).

I did finish the 2011 Book Challenge by Kristin of Dragondreamer's one. freaking. book. I almost didn't get it done. I think I'll drop back to 75 for 2012...ouch.

So, how was your New Years' Eve/Day, LDs?


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