Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm a Prankster, you're a Prankster, too.

If any of my LDs read Aunt Bex's blog, you'd understand why I'm a Prankster. She has this...thing...with John C. Mayer. So she's called upon her Merry Band of Pranksters to...

dare I say it?

PRANK someone?

Dear heavens, won't someone think of the childrenz?

While I do think JCM is...well...a douchenozzle (but I likes his voice), and we've been for-fucking-bidden to choose him as our prank, he's not the one I'm interested in.

No, that pedestal is totally reserved for one Angel.

One Luke.
One Special Agent Seeley Booth.
One Green Lantern.

O, LDs, David P. Boreanaz is at the top of my freebie list. Can you see why?

(pic borrowed from Googling David P. Boreanaz)

David P. Boreanaz (wiki) is hot, LDs Some may think it's kind of creepy that both Mumsy Dreamer and I think David P. Boreanaz (imdb) is finer than frog hair. I think it means we have good taste. :)

However, I has a little issue with Mr. David P. Boreanaz. Ya see, David P. Boreanaz cheated on his wife, and only admitted it after the woman he was sleeping with threatened to tell!

Really, David P. Boreanaz? You know what - if your wife's a lazy housewife and bad mother and drinks and does drugs and abuses you (which I can't say because, for all the love that's holy, I don't know either David P. Boreanaz or David P. Boreanaz's wife Jamie Bergman), fine. Get a divorce. Don't cheat. I want to punch David P. Boreanaz in David P. Boreanaz's balls for being a smaller-scale Tiger Woods because he was like Mary Poppins in my book ("practially perfect in every way")

Seeings as how you're working on your marriage (since we haven't seen hide nor hair of your infidelities until after the Tiger Woods/Jesse James/David P. Boreanaz debacle, I'm going to assume that your marriage is on the mend, and for that, I'm happy) (I know, I know, what the fuck am I happy for?), I'm only going to dock you five Housemate points. David P. Boreanaz will only have to spend an hour a day on David P. Boreanaz's knees, worshipping me and showering me with compliments, instead of two.

So, David P. Boreanaz fans: what are your thoughts on David P. Boreanaz's infidelity? Should David P. Boreanaz be made to run through the streets of Hollywood, buck-ass fuckin' naked (o hells yeah to the yummo), proclaiming that David P. Boreanaz is an idiot for cheating on his wife and David P. Boreanaz is glad that his wife is willing to work on the relationship.

I know I'm a bit behind the time in David P. Boreanaz's affair, but it's what docked him Housemate points. I will admit, though, the fact that he's a Steelers fan just makes David P. Boreanaz that much hotter (Mr Realist is a Steelers fan. They should meet.).

LDs, I lust after David P. Boreanaz. But I'm not going to go to LA to stalk him.

I don't know anyone who would let me stay with them.

Who's your curse? Obviously, Aunt Bex's is John C. Mayer.

And this is only to see if I can get on the front page of Google. And piss off a publicist.

I'll keep you updated.

Your David P. Boreanaz-crazy (but not in an "I'm an obsessed stalker" kind of way)

Ms Dreamer

PS - DAVID P BOREANAZ! (he he he...24 times)


  1. finer than frog hair? I haven't heard that one out of anyone younger than my grandmother in ages!

    I do agree tho, David P. Borneaz is pretty damn fine! I might have to jump on this bandwagon.

  2. Mrs. G - I use it as often as I can, cause that means something's pretty damn fine!

    Isn't he yummy? :)


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