Monday, September 27, 2010

Bitch and Moan Monday

That's right, LDs - once again, it's Bitch and Moan Monday!


See, Like Kisha, I generally try to be a happy person, and I uber-hate confrontations. But sometimes rainbows and fucking glitter have to take a backseat to fire and brimstone and the half-evil side of me coming out (Mr Realist thinks I need a 333 tattoo). It's why I'm romantically involved with Kisha. I save up some nuggets of brimstone and tongues of flame, and let them all go on Mondays. It's a perfect fucking day to bitch. Mondays suck most of the time.

Ok, I've read several blogs and the general internet regarding Katy Perry's costume choice when she starred on Sesame Street with Elmo. Everyone has been clamoring to either boycott Sesame Street, or write letters or email or tell everyone you fucking know not to watch because 'how could she wear that on Sesame Street?' Ya know, fuckers, Sesame Street's people had to see her in the outfit before they staged the fucking song. If you're offended by something that looks like an ice dancer's leotard (um, duh, she was covered up to her neck; albeit with flesh-colored fabric, but she was still covered), you need to remove your head from your ass and look at that objectively.

How many of your four- and five-year olds are going to go, "But Mother, I am offended by this gratuitous display of the female form, and shan't watch Sesame Street until Elmo finds a more appropriate playmate"? No. They're going to see someone singing a song and trying to get Elmo to play dress up with her like he said he would, and all he really wants to do is play tag. Ya know, if you think about it, it's teaching children that it's ok to lie to your friends - that you can tell them that you'll play what they want to, and then run around because it's not what you really want to do. Bet you nobody took that into consideration, did they?

You're trying to make everyone else teach your kids right from wrong instead of YOU, the parent, teaching your kids. Really? Remove all trace of skin, all violence, all smoking, all everything from the television and movies and music because YOU can't figure out how to teach your child right from wrong? And we wonder why kids today are so...grr!

Why do you think that the Looney Tunes aren't on anymore? O no, we can't let our children see a coyote try to blow up a road runner. For most of us, our parents taught us that falling from great heights will get you injured; you'd be fucklucky if you survive a blast in the face from a rocket; and for fuck's sake, animals do not walk upright, talk, or fucking write on signs!! We understood that dead was permanent. My parents showed us the world, and that movies and cartoons were fake and there was no way that a live human couldn't do those same things without some sort of help.

Kids today baffle me. They're sheltered and told that they're the best at everything and they're perfect little princesses or princes and they get everything they want. Then when they get to the real world, shit hits the fan. They demand, and when they don't get it, they blame everyone else. You know what, you little shits, no one is perfect, and your parents lied to you when they told you that you were. Sorry, but it's the truth.

Now, before any of you go, "But Ms Dreamer, you're not qualified to say those things. You don't even have children." But I do have two eyes, and two ears, and more sense than God gave a post and even though I like to look at the world and imagine better, I can see the harshness of reality behind it all. And you're not doing anyone any favors.

Shew, LDs. Just felt like ranting a bit. Between my niece and Mr Realist's cousin (o, that's a whole other story - he's revoked her 'little sister' status because she's a rotten little bitch!) and quite a few kids I see in stores and such, I'm rather glad that we don't want or have the childrens. I'd strangle them if they acted like some of these I've seen. And I don't care how much you say "But your kids could be different," I know they would be. Cause I'd be damned sure they wouldn't act like that at home or in public.


Ok, B&M Monday over.
How was your day?
Did you get work done that you needed (I didn't)?
Or did you kick back in a hammock and sip on an icy beer all day (I didn't...and if you did, I kind of hate you right now)?

Tell your Godmother Dreamer. She'll listen and throw back a pint or two with ya.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Ms Dreamer

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