Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New! Improved!

Nah. Just wanted to see your reactions, Dear Readers.

There are going to be a couple of changes around here. For example, if you've read my last post, you'll see that I have accepted a {W}rite of Passage. Doing so has made me want to reach out to you and show you what I mean by the '300-ring circus of an imagination' in the title of this lil' ol' blog o' mine.

In addition to writing the challenges, I'm going to try to post snippets of stories that I have written. I'm going to start you out with a romance that is not yet named. I had posted it months (and I do mean months) ago on myspace (which has since been abandoned and deserted). I'm always looking for ConCrit (constructive criticism), and I will let you know here and now that I write like I speak. You have to suspend your disbelief. If you come across something that you know about (that I obviously don't), please, feel free to shoot me a comment and let me know.

The first story is about Ashley and Andrew. It's set in the 1850s in Mississippi (I should use this story - which could make it into a novel - as an excuse to vacation for a week in Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas). There is a plantation. There are slaves, but Cole is not a hard man to work for. Prayer goes a long way.

Dear Readers, if you are not a romancy-kind of reader, you can skip over these chapters. I'll let you know via the title if it's a chapter or a post.

I know there's a lurker out there (hi, bena!), and she's read this already. Hopefully, there are enough changes that she's pleasantly surprised.

Friday evening shall come the first chapter.

Be safe out there, and heepwah

Mrs. Dreamer

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