Monday, November 30, 2009

New EmbarASSing Project...

I've recently joined {w}rite of passage. It's a group where the members are committed to writing well. Its mission is to bring us back to the essence of blogging: Writing. Community. Challenge. I have a feeling that I jumped in with both feet...straight into wet cement. We'll have weekly events that we can choose to or not to participate in, and since we're starting next week, Mrs. Flinger (she's the sheezy) gave us a First Day, Welcome to School challenge: Most Embarassing Moment.

O, Dear Readers... I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into here, but I'm going to slog it out for a while!

Embarassing...embarassing...hmmm. In my adult life, I've tried to forget the embarassing moments.

Like falling on your ass bowling because you tripped over those nasty shoelaces for the thirty-seventh time that evening.

Like tucking part of my wedding dress inside my camoflage boxers (fuck the girdle and the stockings - I wore white flip flops and camo boxers under mine) in the bathroom at the reception (luckily someone caught me as I was walking out).

Like having a boob pop out of a two-sizes-too-small bra (worn for the simple reason of goodie-oogling) because I'd bent over to pick up my gown during Madrigals in college right before my partner and I walked out to greet the assembled crowd. It was a scramble to put Thelma back in her cage, and I think my partner was just as mortified as I was.

Like open-mouth-insert-foot that happens to me on a daily basis.

I normally don't get that embarassed. Shit happens to the best of us, right? I can turn seventy-eleven shades of red, though :)
Let me know if Mr. Linky works...

Be safe out there, and heepwah


  1. What I wouldn't give for one of your My Linkys. Damn. I have snorted out loud so many times today. I am loving this.

  2. I totally know the feeling of boobs falling out. I actually looked at pictures from an event last year where I thought I had looked amazing. However, my boobs were pushed up so high that I look like a harlot. Seriously!


Be safe out there.