Sunday, December 20, 2009

Le Sigh - I'm OK.

You'd think that if you live in Illinois, you'd remember how to drive in slick snow and wet roads from year to year.

You'd think that if you are from Illinois and you live in Illinois, you'd know not to keep your brakes on if you're starting to slide. They teach you that in driver's ed.

You'd think, right?


Today, I went to Springfield to finish up Christmas shopping (not for me - for my relatives to give to my niece). I was going to spend the day with my mom and then go to Kiku for dinner with my Pampered Chef posse (was so looking forward to steak and shrimp, Dear Readers).

We were turning out of the parking lot in Parkway Pointe by Walmart and


Jolted forward, Mom's sunglasses flew off of her head, and we were shoved into the road. Thank GOD no one was coming from the left! Pulled up a bit, turned on my flashers, and stepped out of the vehicle.

A woman in a Honda Pilot had rear-ended us. I was examining my car first while she profusely apologized and my mom was calling the police.

"I was trying to brake, but I'd slid from the stop sign back there!" Are you fuckserious? My mom (I love her so much), made a point to say "You're not supposed to slam on your brakes - didn't you know that?" Her response was "Oh, no, I didn't know that!"

Nothing. Nothing is wrong with my car. There are no scratches, no dents, no chipped paint.

Her Pilot? Nothing. No scratches, no dents, no chipped paint. She certainly hit us hard enough to fling sunglasses off of someone's head.

We exchanged names and phone numbers, and I wrote down time, place, her license plate number, make/model/color of her vehicle. Mom told them that there was nothing wrong with the vehicles or us, so we wouldn't be needing them. They told her ok.

Freaked me out. I dropped Mom off at home, and called Missy and told her I wouldn't be at dinner because I was going home.

Took me two hours to drive what normally takes 45 or so minutes.

Saw at least twelve vehicles off the road, seven different tow trucks, and three separate sets of cops in that two hour drive home.

I will be visiting my insurance agent tomorrow with the information, just in case her insurance needs to pay for my chiro visits.

Stupid people.

Learn to drive.

For fuck's sake.



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