Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm very sorry to those of you who sort-of look forward to my ramblings and such. I've been busy. Last week was the MLB All-Star Game in St. Louis, and since the company I work for makes all of the MLB's bases, I had to make sure everything got there in the right way at the right time. I think the All-Star Games and the playoffs and the World Series are the only times I begin to hate baseball.

Yes, me, the Dirt Diva, the sports fanatic, hates baseball at times.

We're now 2-3 in softball. I've continued to play third base, except for last week: I played left (which is ok - there's action out in left). They figured out that if you hit it out to left, I'm going to catch it...and catch I did - four hits to me, three catches out and one throw in to third to stop a run going home. Not too bad. We were NOT playing a good fielding game...which became evident, once you see the score. We scored 17 runs all game, and we were holding them 25 to 17 at the bottom of the fifth. They scored 14 runs before we got a first out in the top of the sixth. It put the 'whore' in horrible! God, it was awful! Horrendous...miserable...and rather pathetic. *sigh* Hopefully we do better this week....


Went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Tuesday night. Great movie (if you're a bookie, like me, there were some things that just didn' one must take into consideration that not everyone who goes to see HP is a bookie), and cannot wait to see it again with Mr. Realist ('there's no way in hell I'm going to go see a movie at midnight!'). By Wednesday, I was running on about six or seven hours of sleep. I did well - I didn't grump at Mr. Realist Wednesday morning.

One of the girls I went with was very pregnant (like scheduled-for-a-C-section-on-Friday-morning-pregnant) (and because she's a dear friend, I even asked if we could reserve a couch at the theatre - was NOT expecting them to do so, but THANK YOU, ORPHEUM! Dead center of the back of the theatre is the best place to sit in my opinion!) and had commented earlier in the day to me 'the only way I'm leaving the movie is if my water breaks and that's only because I don't want to sit in a wet seat!' :) After the movie, she reveals that she's been contracting through the entire movie! Let's just put it this way: her section had to be rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon! Beautiful baby Skylar was born at 4pm on HP Premier Day! Love it!

I'm debating. I have several stories that I have going all at once, and since I need and want to get one finished, I'd really like to put all of the others on the back burner...but every time I do, something else nibbles away at my brain until I'm forced to reason with it. Plot bunnies do not listen to reason well. They're demanding and rude and forceful and obnoxious (I seem to be in lusting with the adjectives this evening, huh?) and I cannot seem to get my way in my own brain! Let's put it this way - I have these main characters: Kati and Lalo, Charlie and Holly, Tristan and Mara, Lacie and Jake, Kalexya and Evan. All of their stories are in various stages of nowhere near completion. There are days when Kalexya beckons while Charlie and Holly moan about not getting their fair share of time. Then, when C&H DO get time, K&L complain that they're the eldest so they should get more of my time. L&J seem to be content to lounge around and drink beer, so they're sharing a pint with T&M. Good God. It's like having children, and I can't ship them off to my mother's because they're IN MY HEAD!

There's a sporting chance that we'll be able to purchase the empty house next to us. Mr. Realist has to call the lawyer's office and the lady who owns the house in the next couple of days to see if we can buy it. It needs torn down: the roof, while it has new shingling, is caving in from the underside and leaks a bit; walls are sagging; there's stuff that I don't even want to think of growing in the crawlspace. We'd definitely be selling what we can and recycling what we don't if possible, and then leaving it until we have the money to build. It's a small lot, so would be good to add to our property. Just have to get the business end of it squared away. It'll be nice, since we could use it for storage until we get the spare room done and the basement sealed on our home!

Well, my cake smells just about done, so I'm going to finish checking emails and stuff and not burn a cake and sign off for the evening. I will try to write more.

Heepwah, and be safe out there,
Mrs. Dreamer

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