Thursday, July 23, 2009

Softball and Stuff

We're 2-4 now. Lost last night like 12 to 17 (I think - they weren't really keeping track). I started in left again, and moved to short after three innings. She's finally understanding that she's not that good anymore!

Anyway...have you ever had one of those days? One of those days where you wake up and you don't know why, but you just have to be a crab? One of those days that you look at the man sleeping next to you and you just want him to go in the other room, snoring and all? One of those days that you could just fall asleep at your desk and not care who catches you? Where everything just kind of falls apart between your fingers, and it's like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands? Me either. It's the kind of day that I feel like I've failed everyone, including myself (that's a normal feeling, but who's counting?).

Don't get me wrong, I'm a generally happy person. But there are just some days that drive me up the wall.

I think it's all because of the circus in my brain and the twelve characters of children that run amok (did I even spell that right?), even though they're all adults, and the variable that is my life.

Be safe out there, and Heepwah,

Mrs. Dreamer

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