Monday, August 15, 2011

30 Days of Self Acceptance

I'm talking about accepting yourself for all your faults, idiosyncracies, problems, weirdness, etc.

With the exception of my weight, I do accept myself.
I get told I'm weird - I accept that.
I'm crazy - I accept that as well.
Odd? Yeah, I know.
Loony? Guilty as charged.

So I'm trying this 30-Day Self-Acceptance bit. I'll probably lump some of them together so that I do them all.

Like the movie/TV/music ones.

For today.

1. Declare your love for an uncool television show.
5. Declare your love for an uncool movie.
10. Declare your love for an uncool band.

Let's see...

Would have to be Due South. Hot hot hot Paul Gross. Deaf white wolf (whom my aunt's dog is named after). Canadian Mountie (how about Canadian mountme...) with the Stetson of Imperviousness. In Chicago. Did I mention that Paul Gross is hot? RCMP tracks father's killers to Chicago. It only aired for four seasons, and no one that I know has heard of it. I really need to get it on Netflix and watch it again. Cause the only thing I remember is the hot Canadian Mountme Mountie.

Stardust. Claire Danes. Some cute boy. Robert DeNiro (in a dress, at one point!). Sienna Miller. Michelle Pfieffer. Stars have feelings, did you know that? They learn what love is from us here on earth. Check it out if you want a hokey love story!

There are a few, actually: O-Zone. Eiffel 65. RuPaul. Chumbawamba. Aqua.

They all have peppy, poppy, fun to dance to songs...even though most of them either make no damn sense, or they're in a different language (and therefore, make no damned sense). I like music with a good beat.

What are your loves that are unpopular? Own them - they are part of you.

Ms Dreamer

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