Tuesday, August 16, 2011

30 Days of Self-Acceptance: "Day 3"

LDs, I've never been one to follow the crowd, and if I do, I've still got to do something different with it.

Like with this 30-Days of Self-Acceptance. I hate doing things in order.

Yesterday was days 1, 5 & 10; today is day 3.

Day 3 -- Eat. Whatever you feel like eating.

HA! What this lil' ol' meme doesn't realise is that I eat whatever I feel like eating anyway! (that would explain the weight issue...).

Take, for example, right now. I'm having leftover pork fried rice for brunch.

Most of you may say "Eww! That's gross!" but let me tell you something: right now, it's the best thing in the world because it's what I was craving.

Probably going to have Wendy's for lunch. Or TacoSmell. Or Arby's. Or corndogs. Whatever I feel like eating, I'll probably eat.

What's nice is that it's my town's "homecoming" - Old Settlers'. There's going to be more crap than I could ever eat, but right about now, I might try one of everything!!

What are you craving?

Ms D

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